1-SHAFT MULTI-BLADE CIRCULAR SAW mod. SM 300 - As per E.C. rules - Main motor: 22 kW (30 HP)

SKU: SM300-30
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1-SHAFT MULTI-BLADE CIRCULAR SAW mod. SM 300 - As per E.C. rules - Main motor: 22 kW (30 HP)
very rigid frame in normalized steel.
The machine has feeding track composed by spheroidal cast iron track shoes sliding on 2 guides, 1 rplast prismatic one with low friction coefficient that assures a perfect draft linearity.
The feeding track is lubricated automatically by a centralized pump controlled by an electronic control panel that adjusts stand-by and lubrication times.
The feeding track is operated by a ratiomotor fed by inverter that allows a continuous speed adjustment from 2,5 to 24 m/min.
The pressure system of the workpiece is made by nr. 2 special cast iron rolls entering the blade area, nr. 2 special cast iron rolls outcoming the blade area and nr. 1 wooden presser in blade area.
Inside the protection and on the base there are nr. 4 rows of anti-return wedges and spill arrester for the complete operator's safety.
The machine is equipped with 1 blade-holder sleeve, complete with spacers as described: nr. 2 spacers mm. 50, nr. 4 spacers mm. 20, nr. 4 spacers mm. 15, nr. 4 spacers mm. 10, nr. 4 spacers mm. 5.
The electric installation at 380 V - 3 phases + ground - 50 Hz is in a watertight box and is in conformity with the relative laws in force.

Max. cutting thickness: 110 mm.
Min. piece length: 585 mm.
Table passage width: 570 + 180 mm.
Blade diam.: 203 - 350 mm.
Blade hole diam.: 70 mm.
Blade revolutions: 3800 r.p.m.
Max. external distance between 2 blades: 300 mm.
Carpet width: 300 mm.
Carpet feeding speed: 2,5 - 24 m/min.
Main motor power: 22 kW (30 HP)
Feeding ratiomotor: 2 HP
Suction hose: nr. 2 x diam. 150 mm.
Worktable: 760 x 1530 mm.
Worktable height from the floor: 740 mm.
Net weight: kg. 2300
Shipping dimensions: mm. 2100x1510x1450=H
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