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Inlet rectifications (pre-milling by diamond milling cutters)
ø 60 h 52 mm with 2 suction hoods Ø 80 mm
- inlet guide with micrometric adjustment 0 ÷ 2,0 mm 
- HF motors 2 x 0,75 kW 12000 r.p.m.
- max milling adjustment 2 mm with panel 8-50 mm. high

"TOUCH ME" Touchscreen control - Simple Intuitive and Immediate utilization 
- Impossible to make a mistake; the graphics displays directly the result of the working on the edged panel
- Colour 7" display 
- one click to selelct the desired working 
- n° 99 memorizable working programs 
- network connection (opt.) for reading statistical data, diagnosis and online updates

Chain panel feeding (track) with rubber-coated sliding blocks
Feeding speed 9 mt/1’
Upper bar with double row of rubber-coated wheels that can be adjusted in height


Feeding speed m/min 9
Panel thickness mm. min 8 – max 50
Thickness of edges in bobbin or strip (manual insertion) on panels with max height 50mm: mm. 3
Thickness of edges in strip (manual insertion) on panels with max height 30mm: mm. 4
Max bobbin diam. mm. 800
Space between panels mm. 600
Min panel length mm. 110
Min panel wwidth mm. 95
Opening of the panel support roll-way mm. 500
Pneumatic working pressure bar 6,5
Air consumption of the pneumatic installatiob while working Nl/min 300
Suction hoods mm. 1xØ120 + 2xØ80
Min air flow speed at suction inlets m/sec 20
Air consumption of the suction installation mc/min 1550

Resistance power (Nr. 6 cartridges) W 1490
Heating time from ambien temperature: min. 14-16
Heating time from stand by: min. 4-6
Tank capacity kg. 1

Motor power HF kW 0,22
Butting blades mm. 2 x Ø100, z20
Blade rotation speed 12000 r.p.m.

Motor power kW 2 x 0,37
Tool rotation speed 12000 r.p.m.
Vertical copying units nr. 2 wheels Ø120
Frontal copying units nr. 2 sliding blocks
Tools with Widia tips with combined profile mm. 2 x Ø75 x H20, z4

Vertical copying units nr. 2 wheels Ø88
Frontal copying units nr. 2 sliding blocks
Tool ray mm. 2/3

Motor power kW 2 x 0,13
Rotation speed 1400 r.p.m.
Brushes mm. 2 x Ø120

General features ...

Logic working controlled by PLC
Equipped with
- Thermoregulator with automatic stand-by
- Luminous led keys for selection
- Complete management of the automation of the different operating groups through encoder positioned on the transmission system for panel feeding 
- Diagnostics with different messages for use and maintenance of the machine 
- Statistic working data; total hours of the use of the machine, total used meters of edge, partial edge
Panel feeding system realized by a track made by rubber-coated sliding blocks forthe maximum adherence on panels mounted in speel with links 5/8’’.
The sliding blocks slide directly on 2 N.C. guides of the steel base that assure a rectlinear line and the maximum resistance to side loadings
Upper presser realized by a double row of rubber-coated wheels mounted on bearings
The presser can be adjusted in height through a wheel according to the thickness of the working panels and is equipped with numerical indicator
Inlet guide with micrometric adjustment
Variable removal from 0 to 2,0 mm
Pneumatic shears for cutting edges in bobbin up to 3 mm
Exclusive features of the shears group:
- edge feeding (patented)
- oscillation movement of the shears group
Thanks to the oscillation movement of the shears group, edge feeding isn't stopped during the cut from the bobbin thickness 3mm and panel 50mm high
min. length of panels 110 mm
Teflon-coated glue tank
 to allow a complete and quick cleaning.
Equipped with nr. 6 electric resistences, guarantee of an uniform glue temperature to avoid damages and so the efficaciousness of a perfect glueing.
The motorized spreading roll spreads an uniform glue coat that can be adjusted in thickness on the edge to be worked of panels
2 pressure rolls: 1° motorized great diameter - 2° rubber
1st pressure roll- MOTORIZED ø 80 mm
Automatic front and rear butting unit with one motor (straight cut) with copying devices and chips suction. Trimming units with milling cutters  Z4 Ø 75 mm, plates mm/bevel 1,5° (ray 3 mm on request)
Trimming units with  wheel vertical copying unit ø 120 mm and frontal sliding copying unit

Extendable frontal support with rolls for great panels

Openable rear closing with large windows for the internal view of the working groups


Anti-tackifier liquid spray group, it avoids that any exceeding glue sticks to lower and upper surfaces of panels improving cleaning near glueing line. The spray function is managed by the electronic control.
Equipped with nr. 2 spray nozzles (lower and upper) and liquid tank.

Infrared lamp for panel pre-heating after pre-milling. Indicated to optimize glueing of edges heating panels before glueing. Recommended for zones with cold climate and for those who stocks.

Header group VR with vertical rounding function, removes the exceed of the edge in input and output of the panel being processed through vertical milling - 2 processing modes, straight and radius
- Group managed by the electronic control with the possibility to choose specifically the processing mode for the head and the tail of the panel 
- Possibilità di lavorare pannelli fino a 45 mm di altezza e bordi fino a 2 mm di spessore in rotolo e 5 mm in strisce 
- mini. length of panels, edging side: 180 mm (panel height h=18 mm), 230 mm (panel height h=50mm) 
- high frequency motor 0,22kW – 12.000 r.p.m. 
- integrated suction system 
N.W.: - available, in the place of the heading group included in the standard equipment
- not available for the versions E550CR and E550PMCR equipped with rounding group

“Nesting” vertical copying units for trimming group - each copying unit, either upper or lower, is equipped with nr. 3 bearings that assure nr. 3 support points
Indicated to work panels where there are hollows for hardware and for panels with acute angles.

Edge scraping group R2 mm (R3 mm on rfequest) for the perfect edge finishing. It allows to eliminate the notches left by the tools of the trimming group.
Equipped with wheel vertical copying unit and sliding block frontal copying unit for adjustment of the working position of tools.

Suction system for edge scraping group equipped with manifold of separation and collection of scraping chips of edges, equipped with transparent door.
The usefulness of the chips separation and collection manifold is due to the special conformation of scraping chips of edges that could compromise the efficacy of the suction system to which the machine is connected.

Glue scraping group - Indicated to remove possible surplus of glue in the junction area between panel and edge.

Polishing liquid spray group icombined with the brush group, it improves panel cleaning and edge polishing.
The spray function is managed by the electronic control.
Equipped with nr. 2 blowers (lower and upper) and liquid tank.
N.W.: only available with the brush group.

Brush group - Equipped with nr. 2 independent motors (kW 0,13 at 1.400 r.p.m.), it assures the perfect finishing of ABS and PVC edges

Internal Led light for lighting of working groups

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Additional Info
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