AUTOMATIC EDGE BANDING MACHINE WITH GLUE POT SCM GROUP mod. MINIMAX ME35-TR for thin and thick edges in melaminic and massive strips up to 5 mm. with rectifying group and combined heading-rounding group

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AUTOMATIC EDGE BANDING MACHINE WITH GLUE POT SCM GROUP mod. MINIMAX ME35-TR for thin and thick edges in melaminic and massive strips up to 5 mm. with rectifying group and combined heading-rounding group.

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Designed for a Perfect Finish.
New butting-rounding combined group with rigid structure for a unique processing quality in its segment.
It finally makes the rounding processing available even to the world of craftmanship.

Ideal Edge Application.
The glue is heated quickly and homogeneously by the resistances. 
The automatic lowering of the temperature in case of temporary inactivity of the machine prevents the glue from burning.
A new innovative self-lubricating system for the glue pot allows more extensive use of the edge bander without the need for greasing.
2 rolls effectively and uniformly press the edge onto the piece.
The glue spreading roll with internal resistance ensures uniform glue distribution and at the maximum working temperature even on panels of the maximum workable height.

Brilliant Idea.
The optional end-trimming/rounding group allows to round the angles of the edged panel without the need for the operator to have to finish it by hand at a later stage: brilliant idea for a high quality finished product.

Panel movement system: designed for a perfect finish
The very best finishing of the panel edge is also guaranteed by the panel conveying track (Scm patent), which prevents the panel having the feed affected by the typical pulse generated by the pinion of a traditional feed track.
High precision and long-lasting reliability, also thanks to the high frequency motors of the end cutting unit and of the in-line trimming unit.
Superior performances: possibility to process panels with thickness between 8 and 50 mm
Practical and precise: the fixed pressure beam can be adjusted by means of a single handwheel and allows the automatic positioning of all operating units according to the selected panel thickness.

Composed by nr. 2 tools diam. 80 mm, it allows an excellent finishing and linearity of panels in pre-working. Equipped with separated suctions and an air blow device that cleans panels from dust and remaining chips.
Possibility to make 4 distinct removals: 0,5; 1; 1,5; 2 mm. of thickness
Possibility to make vertical deplacements of tools to exploit them even in their final sharpening  stage. 

- quick heating, teflon-coated pot for thermo-meltable glue, for an easy glue replacement
- glue spreading roll with resistance in its inside to assure a constant glue temperature 
- control of the temperature of the applied glue, integrated in the PLC
- device for the automatic recovery of the not used glue
- automatic loader for edges in rolls with shears for edges up to 3 mm. of thickness
- turning roll-holder diam. 730 mm.
- pressure roll-way composed by nr. 2 steel rolls with opposed taper
- automatic reduction of glue pot temperature after a temporary unuse (stand-by) 

Installed in replacement of the standard heading geoup, while removing the exceeding edge on the front and back side of the panel, it makes one passage - heading and rounding of edges - at the ends of panel. It's also possible to work in single-headed mode. It can be operated directly from the control panel.
Equipped with:
– 1 high frequency motor (0,35 kW – 12.000 r.p.m.)
– 1 milling cutter Ø 58 mm Z4
Not suitable for working edges in solid wood.

TRIMMING GROUP with high frequency motors and equipped with frontal and vertical pad copying devices with polished and chromed surfaces, to align tools perfectly to the working point.
The group is equipped with combined milling cutters diam. 55,3 mm.: a part of the cutting edge is used to trim radial edges (2 mm. or 3 mm. on request) and thin beveled edges. The straight part of the cutting edge is used for trimming wooden edges up to 5 mm. of thickness.
In order to pass from the position of radial edge to that one of wooden edge, it's enough to move milling cutters axially.
The thickness of the work-edge is setup through 2 numerical indicators. The group has independent suction of remaining chips.

- inlet control board to facilitate its use in all working conditions
- enbloc steel base to assure stability, stiffness and adjustment keeping
- steel upper presser with 2 rubber staggered rows of pressure wheels
- high adherence toothed feeding carpet
- manual lifting of the presser with automatic positioning of operating groups according to panel thickness
- numerical indicator of the thickness of the selected panel
- panel support roll-way on the whole length of the machine
- dedicated suction of glue vapours
- protection cabin
- electric installation with PLC, padlockable main switch and thermical relais, emergency pushbutton

- worktable [mm] 3000 x 525
- worktable height [mm] 904
- thickness of edges in roll [mm] 0,4 ÷ 3
- min. ÷ max. panel height [mm] 8 ÷ 50
- min. length/width with edge in roll [mm] 190/110
- feeding speed [m/min] 7
- feeding unit motor power S1 [kW] 0,55
- pneumatic installation pressure [bar] 6,5
- suction hose (glue pot) diam. [mm] 60
- nr. 2 suction hoses (trimming group) diam. [mm] 60
- nr. 2 suction hoses (rectifying group) diam. [mm] 80
- working temperature [°C] 20 ÷ 190
Rectifying group 
- motor power S1 [kW] 2,2
- milling cutter rotation speed [r.p.m.] 9.000
- n° 2 diamond milling cutters - Ø 80 mm H=56 Z2 - removal [mm] - 0,5/1/1,5/2
Glue pot group 
- motor power S1 [kW] 0,25
- glue capacity [kg] ~ 0,8
Combined heading-rounding group:
- motor power S1 [kW] - 0,35
- milling cutter - Ø 58 mm Z4
- blade rotation speed [r.p.m.] - 12.000
Trimming group:
- power of the upper and lower motor S1 [kW] 2 x 0,35
- Widia milling cutters Ø 55,3 mm Z3
- milling cutter rotation speed [r.p.m.] 12.000
- vertical/horizontal copying units: rolling/rolling


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