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The various sections of the available profiles allows to realize any pallet-holder store: from the traditional ones up to the self-bearing structures, from the compactable installations to those ones served by travelling lifts.

There are several realizable possibilities in the sector of pallet-holder installations: from the classical static structure, to the "Drive-in" one or to gravity shelvings, fro the automatic installations seerved by travelling lifts to the more complex self-bearing structures.

We are more and more oriented to supply, besides the "key-in-hand" shelving, all the solutions connected to the complete store management: flux study, optimization of handling, making maps, supply of software and operating machines.

The data to understand if it's possible to improve its efficiency.

It isn't easy to face the subject of the rearrangement of one's own store without considering the several aspects that seem secondary but, on the contrary, have a fundamental importance.

Try to enter with us any pallet-holder store, you will find many answers to your curiosities and maybe some more indication.

Here are the most important elements to be considered:
- The European rules for the dimensioning of the pallet-holder structure.
- The features of the loading unit.
- The lift truck and the operative passages.
- The number of the infeed/outfeed daily handlings.
- The featurs of the building and the conditions of flooring.
- The store in a sismic zone.
- The dimensioning of shelvings with aseismatic criteria.
- The safety rules: overflowing protections. The casual fall of goods. Pallet-fastener. Protection nets.
- The protection of heads by guardrails.
- Ways of flight.

The list you have just read can only give you an idea how you must place yourself in front of a pallet-holder store, besides this there is our experience in the sector of the store logistics, our technicians' preparation, he quality of our materials.
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