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FIREWOOD MACHINING CENTER mod. EPCL-1000 - As per E.C. rules
It's the ideal solution for small firms that work mountain amd Mediterranean wood (mixed material to be sawn into bunches, with different diametres, shapes and sizes).
It's a strong, compact, safe, versatile machine that can be composed according to customers' needs.
It distinguishes itself by its use easyness so that it can operate by generic staffo, not skilled one. The immediacy of controls and the liftable pushing device - that allows to load materials while the saw works - speed up the operation cycle, allowing high productivity. Modern mechanical, oleodynamics (with piston pumps) and electric devices guarantee considerable energetic saves.
The maximum productivity can be reached by 2 operators.
An only operator guarantees anyhow interesting productions, thanks to the easy passage of the operator between the sawing and the splitting machine and to the transport/storing system that links them.
The strong feed store, equipped with 3 or 4 conveyor chains, is built in welded tubular pieces that allow unloading land, stones and wastes avoiding them enter the sawing machine.
Sawdust is collected by a syction system that separates it from wastes and barks.
The width of the feeding cradle, the width of the sawing inlet, the patented clamping system and sawing that happens above from down, allow to saw even particularly crooked and/or deformed material without manual adjustments.

- It saws per programmable size without ever leaving bottom (cutting optimizzation)
- It saw into equal pieces with programmable size (system suitable for the subsequent wood packing)
- It saws into a desired number of pieces (cycle suitable for Mediterranean wood, to divide it into 2-3 or 4 pieces without leaving bottom)
- The splitting system automatically selects the grid suitable for diametres and centers itself with the piece to be split

- preparation: fixed - mobile (tractor draft) - road (on road and/or agricultural trailer)
- operation: automatic or half-automatic
- electric feed or by Cardan joint from tractor with proper generator
- log length mm. 800 : 3000 / 4500 (secondo il modello)
- log diam. mm. 50:400
- length of the worked piece mm. 250:650
- splitting power tonn. 26
- splitting possibility nr. 2-4-6-8-10-12 with grid composition at customers'choice
- medium electric absorbed power while working kW 15:20
- feed tension 400/50 V/Hz
- nominal diaam. of cutting discs mm. 1000 with HM-tipped teeth
- max. productivity tonn. 9 per hour
- weight of the complete machine without log store tonn. 4:5 (according to the model)
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Additional Info
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