MILLING - BENDING - GLUEING MACHINE mod. ALU BENDER PHOTO for "Visual Communication" - As per E.C. rules

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MILLING - BENDING - GLUEING MACHINE mod. ALU BENDER PHOTO for "Visual Communication" - As per E.C. rules
The Milling-Bending-Glueing machine for the Visual Communication "Alu Bender Photo" was designed to cover the core of composite panels of paper and other materials (paper, carton, composite PVC, Dibond®, Falconboard®, Re-Board®, Bui Giordano®, TI-VU Plast®, etc.).

- It makes milling of one of the 2 parts, the removal of the coreup to the main skin to be bent
- A ribbed wheel marks the bending line in the paper 
- Afterwards the glueing head distributes the glue on the tonguento be bent 
- During the automatic feeding, 5 bending rolls turns over the main skin against the core closing it at the sight and sealing it at atmospheric agents
- An idle belt allows to keep in position the tongue to allow the glue cool
- Cooling is assured by a blowing compressed air system for the whole length of the belt 

Functioning of the machine by PLC with display with 4 rules 16 characters.
- ergonomic position for the operator
- management of working programs
- management of glue heating and stand-by function 
- management of opening-closing of glueing head 
- management of starting motors of the groups
- management of the feeding speed 
- counting of the worked divided in groups 
- counting of work hours 
- visualization of emergency messages 
- Languages: Italian, English, Spanish, French, German, Polish.
 The Milling-Bending-Glueing machine for the Visual Communication "Alu Bender Photo" is equipped with:
  • extendable frontal support to help feeding of very great panels  
  • 3-phase motors for the feeding track and powerful high frequency motors: it makes workings automatically and with a little maintenance
  • system of centralized suction hoods in one pipe that allows to eliminate chips through a "suction installation" (NOT supplied as equipment).
Advantages and benefits of working:
- Closing of core
- Protection from atmospheric agents

of the machine:
- Milling, bending and glueing in continuous
- 1,5 mt in 25 seconds

Technical data ...

Panel height: min 3 - max 16 mm
Panel width: min. 110 mm
Panel length: min. 120 mm

Panel feeding group
Variable speed from 2 mt/1' to 8 mt/1'
3-phase Motor 0,73 kW

Engraving group
- Nr. 2 motors 200 Hz - 12000 r.p.m. - 0,5 kW
- Nr. 2 engraving blades ø 80 Z12

Milling group
- Nr. 1 motor 200 Hz - 12000 r.p.m. - 0,5 kW
- Nr. 1 milling cutter ø 80 Z10

Creasing group
Nr. 1 creasing wheel ø 80 mm with sylicon counter-wheel ø 55 mm

Glueing group
Micrometri glueing head "Photo" controlled by PLC.
Glue pot capacity 5 Kg. and power 2,8 kW
Bending group
Nr. 5 tilting chromium plated bending rolls 0 - 92°
Ply-keeping group
Rubber-coated belt with support 680 mm
Compressed air blower for glue cooling 600 mm.
Total installed power about: 5 kW


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Additional Info
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