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- Semi-automatic boring machine with 2 vertical and 1 horizontal boring head, 23 spindles each for in-line drilling and coupling drills
- Aluminium fence 120x40x3000 mm with 4 pneumatic reference stops. The fence is made up of 2 parts and it is packed with the machine
- Basement with cradle frame and anchorage of the frame on an horizontal plane guarantee the maximum rigidity and working precision
- Cantilever structure for clamping group for an easy mouvement of the working piece
- Machine manufactured according to the E.C. standards with lockable electrical drive and pneumatic pedal mouvement
Nr. 2 parallel vertical heads
Nr. 1 Horizontal head
Nr. 23 spindles per each head
Distance between chucks mm. 32
Nr. 2 pressers
Max. height of the presser from the worktable mm. 85
Max. dimensions of the piece to be worked mm. 80x850x3000
Net weight kg.1100
Working pressure 6-8 bar
Standard air consumption 12 lt/cycle
Overall dimensions mm. 1600x950x1400(H)

- nr. 15 bushes

- nr. 1 aluminium rod mm. 3000x120 with 4 adjustable pneumatic stops on slides and ball blow-by with 2 stops with digital visualizer and 2 ones with nonius
- nr. 2 patented safety turning pressers from 0° to 90° for the immediate positioning on panels of any thickness without adjusting
- nr. 1 datum stop on the worktable for guide of long panels
- Package in wooden case

- Quick connection chucks
- Cast iron heads
- Electronic battery height visualizer with micrometric adjustment of vertical heads
- Patented "Spiral system" on the horizontal head, an instrument for the quick adjustment of the drilling depth
- Digital counter (DECIMAL) for drilling depth adjustment
- Electric control to select each head and working cycles
- nr. 3 motors HP 2 (kW 1,47) each one

Transverse movement of vertical heads on prismatic linear rolling guides with rubber antidust packing.

Rear pneumatic locking system of each vertical head for a steady drilling.

N.2 turning clamps from 0 to 90 degrees with wooden plates 750 x 106 x 30 mm which allow a better pressure distribution. Patented and safety clamps that allow a fast positioning on any kind of panel.

Electronic reader with micrometric adjustment of vertical head position and decimal counter for the regulation of the drilling depth.

Dust collection and suction with a 80 mm mouth.

Pneumatic reference stop on the 3000 mm aluminium fence:
- with optical lens for a better positioning and reading
- with easy reach from the pneumatic devices panel
- n.4 standard units plus n.2 optional more (on request)

Horizontal head with 23 spindles, digital counter for the drilling height regulation and spyral system for boring depth adjustment. Patented Spyral system, for programming and regulation of horizontal boring depth.
This reference system easy and innovative allows a quick and exact reading and setup of boring depth.

Horizontal-head driving.

Electronic reader for the micrometric adjustment of the horizontal head, pressure gauges and regulators.

Ergonomic electrical drive with:
- Select of pneumatic stops
- Select of working speed of each head.

Ergonomic electrical drive with:
- Select of boring head
- Select of working cycles
- Emergency stopadjustment.

Horizontal and vertical head positioning (nr.1) for top or bottom drilling and panel positioning.

Vertical head positioning (nr.1) for drilling of side panels, 90 degrees positioning of the vertical head (nr.2) for drilling of the central hole, all drills with one single working cycle.
The positioning of the head N.2 allows the drilling of a central hole for fitting of a cloth hanging rod or central shelf of a wardrobe.

Line drilling of side panels of a book case with less than 160 mm interaxis.

Reference stop to match the long panel during transverse boring.
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