PALLETIZER mod. KOMPATTO - As per E.C. rules

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PALLETIZER mod. KOMPATTO - As per E.C. rules
Kompatto is the range's best seller thanks to its high performances and compactness and to the different opportunities of application.
It is a compact 4-axle robot, easy to install, and like all our systems can palletize the most different products (boxes, bags, cans and others) thank to the grippers which are made to measure for every application.
Plus, it can be equipped with rollers, catenaries and automatic storing pallet for the automatic filling of empty pallets and the automatic discharging of full pallets.
The machine is very easy to manage and the working programmes can be easy set (forming). The support of our engineers is not necessary after the machine installation.

It is different from the other palletizers due to:
- its extreme flexibility in application and its ability to satisfy the majority of needs in limited spaces.
- Its high productivity (up to max. 600 cycles/hours) is a very high limit for Cartesian robots
- the possibility to work with piling pallets and piling layers in the working area and to set the gripper for the automatic gripping of both.

Technical features
Maximum external volumes (b x p x h): 2500 x 4000 x 4200 mm.
Electric power: 380 Vac – 50 Hz
3 phases + N + PE system
Installed power: 10,5 kW
Operator's 5.7” touch screen interface
Max. forming number: 40 (in the basic version)

Productivity data:
The maximum sizes available for pallets (b x p x h) 1100 x 1300 x 2900 mm.
Maximum speed: 600 cycle/hour
Maximum weight of the product in the gripper: 50 kg.
Maximum number of gripping points: 2
Maximum number of pallet stations: 2
* it is possible to make multiple grips by improving the productivity up to 2-3 times the number of cycles/hour, depending on both the products and their position on pallets.

Technical data
Power used 5 kW
Tension 230/400 V 50 Hz
Auxiliary tension 24 V
Protection level IP 54
Motorizations: alternated current
Operating pressure 5 bar

Automatic pallet feeding
Automatic pallet evacuation
Pallet-gripping on pliers
Flap-gripping gripper
Double pallet
Industrial PC with graphic management and endless number of forming operations
Additional Info
Additional Info
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