PORTABLE STAPLING MACHINE mod. 15 N - As per E.C. rules

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PORTABLE STAPLING MACHINE mod. 15 N - As per E.C. rules

Portable stapling machine just studied to solve the stapling problems that until some time ago seemed to be unsolvable.
The quality of the materials used and the know-how achieved led us to the production of this machine which is able to staple with the highest accuracy and quickness any type of bag or fabric in paper, polyethylene, jute, and mesh and polypropylene raffia.
The fifteen-millimetre thickness that this machine can staple is the most valid guarantee of resistance and reliability over time.
It works with an alternated crochet stapling which eliminates the risk of yarn entanglement.
The maximum staling speed is higher than fifteen metres per minute.
The special grip and the perfect balance of weights make this machine very handy for the operator.
It works by means of a low-tension motor (44 Volts) and all the moving parts are equipped with appropriate protections (according to the regulations to prevent occupational accidents).


Idle roller's foot for stapling very sliding materials
Model with support for the application of crepe paper
Pneumatic model
Stapling machine-holder balancer to suspend it at the desired height
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Additional Info
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