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Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Composite Panels (Alucobond), Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

Cutting pantograph - graphic series - Nettuno Mod. Cream 200

Cutting pantograph - graphic series - Nettuno Mod. Cream 200

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Cutting pantograph – graphic series – Nettuno Mod. Cream 200

For visual communication sector , Nettuno offers its model Cream 200.
This machine has been projected and developed, for both its reasonable size and affordable cost, to be located in graphic, architectural and design firms.
Cream200, thanks to the 2 axis and rotating table can also cut tridimensional shapes.
Equipped with the powerful and intuitive Cad Cam software Nettuno, that enable the operator to make complex cuts in a rapid and easy way, it can be a good choice for both professional or unskilled operators.
Nettuno software has 2 different interfaces:
• Nettuno Plug-in
• Nettuno Cutter

Nettuno Plug-in, used for preparing the draw and develop the project, are installed in the tool bar of Corel Draw and they include:
• Path tools
• Turning
• 3d simulation

Nettuno Cutter is used to executing the cutting procedure:
• Moving the machine
• Cutting preview
• Set coordinates and cutting speed

Workable materials

  • Polystyrene
  • Expanded Polystyrene – EPS
  • Extruded Polystyrene – XPS
  • Rigid foam
  • Styrofoam

Compact machine

The reduced overall dimensions of Cream 200, allow to place it also in small shops Compact and accurate, this hotwire foam cutter is highly recommended for the companies that makes detailed shapes made of Styrofoam for the business the visual communication.

Low cost

Cream 200 has an affordable cost and it allows also companies with low budget to have professional cnc cutting machine. It is important to remind that , the low cost of the machine, is not affecting its quality, that remains high as per all of the foam cutters made by Nettuno Sistemi

Recommended for:
Scenography, visual communication, graphic, packaging, shop decoration, signage, wedding and party decoration, cake design

Technical characteristics

Working areaX = 2000 mm – Y 1210 mm
Wire length700 mm
Cutting wire type ToleranceTITANIUM +/- 0.05 mm
Cutting wire section0,20 mm
Number of axes3 axes (2 axes + Vertical lathe)
Axle speed8.000 mm/min
Tolerance+/- 0.05 mm
Top table materialSteel
SlideRecirculating ball bearing guides
StructurePowder coated steel
Wire temperature regulationFrom external potentiometer
Operator interfaceNettuno Cutter
Nettuno softwareIncluded
Power supply220/230 V
Vertical latheIncluded
Wireless keyboardIncluded

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