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Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Composite Panels (Alucobond), Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

PELLET MACHINE mod. N-ECO-B (output 300/500 kg/h) - As per E.C. rules

PELLET MACHINE mod. N-ECO-B (output 300/500 kg/h) - As per E.C. rules

 52.500,00 (Vat Excluded)

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PELLET MACHINE mod. N-ECO-B (output 300/500 kg/h) – As per E.C. rules

By Pellet machines N-ECO you can save money, obtaining a low production cost of pellets, because these machines were developped in order to generate a low ratio between installed electric kW and pellet production per hour. Such innovation comes from the carried out planning and development that have led to production of machines of new generation as to the technologies deriving from the feed sector with the purpose to make customers obtain economical advantages (energetic saving and low maintenance cost and times) and high quality in pellet production. The produced pellet will be marketable either on home market or on industrial one, because no type of additive or adhesives is used, natural or not.

Drawplate internal diam. mm. 380

Presser roll diam. mm. 182

Pellet diam. mm. 6-8

Overall dimensions mm. 1500x1200x2225

Weight of the pellet machine kg. 2100

Technical card of productive efficiency

Installed active power 37 kW

Electric feed V. 400 +/- 10% Hz 50/60


– essences of tender wood (fir, poplar, pine, olive) 320/500 kg/h

– essences of hardwood (beech, bay oak, chestnut) 280/450 kg/h

– ratio consumed electric kW / produced kgs of pellets = 1/18

Information about general typologies of theinput materials in the pellet machine:

♦ Morphology: sawdust or material with granulometry not less than 0.5 mm. and not more than 1.5 mm.

♦ Humidity ratio: between 8% and 14% at the most

♦ Features: all types of wood or other materials, free from ferrous material

Innovative features of the MINI pellet machine (as to the pellet machines developped by the fodder sector):

– External positioning setup of pressing rolls, with the possibility of variation during the working cycle without stopping the pellet machine

– Enbloc structure and feeding system that derive from the patented technology of the PLUS pellet machine

– no use of additives or bonding agents, even of animal origin

– high energetic class motors controlled by inverter (ENERGETIC SAVING)

– sawdust loading in the compression drawplate through an only central screw

– presser rolls: not overhang ones, but hooked to the structure of the pellet machine

– hydraulic gearcase for lubrication of presser rolls and chuck
– adding by vegetal oil for working cycle start and end (in order to avoid hardening of the remaining material in the compression circuit when the machine doesn’t work)

– reduced encumbrance

– reduced cleaning and maintenance times thanks to the direct opening of teh pelletizing zone and the quick tool replacement

General features

– Pellet machine with mechanical and electric working system

– Control and management by means of programmed logic systems

– Manual adjustment of presser rolls (that allow the rotation of the compression drawplate)

– Material loading system through an inox steel tank and a batching screw adjusted by an inverter, that is controlled proportionately to the working couple of the compression screw

– Compression holes of the drawplate = mm. 14-50 long, variable according to the material that must be worked (sawdust or other vegetal/agricultural wastes)

– Front pellet evacuation

– Min./max. level indicator on the loading tank of materials

– Automatic motor greasing controlled by PLC

– Grease lubrication of presser roll and chuck

– Safety electric lock of the opening door of the drawplate and presser rolls

– Protection carter of motor belts

– Lifting sockets for truck on theground

– Prearrangement for connection of dust and steam suction intakes

– Use and maintenance handbook and E.C. marking

General features of infeed materials:

– Morphology: sawdust or material with granulometry not less than 0,5 mm. and more than 1,5 mm.

– Humidity ratio: included between 8% and 12% at the most

– Features: pure material (free of ferrous material or other if different from the main one)

Pellet machines N-ECO-series are equipped with:
– Electric board with PLC Siemens S7200 and modem for remote connection
– Batching screw controlled by inverter

– External adjustment of pressing rolls and doors for quick cleaning

– Atomizer for addition of moisture to sawdust hopper

– Mechanical level sensor

– Oil pump for cycle end and automatic grease lubrication

– Presetting for suction hoses

Per each supply it’s required to send a sample of material to be used in order to establish the proper tools.


– Tank with screw mod. N-CHIP – 3 kW – capacity 3 cu.m.
– Sawdust unloading screw mod. N-SC300 – 1,5 kW – capacity 300-600 kg/h

– Pellet cooling device mod. N-CO 700 – 0,84 kW – capacity 700/1000 kg/h

– Sacking device with vibrating screen mod. N-PACK A-version 3 kW – capacity 1,5 mc – 0/30 kg bags
Dust suction group 5,5 kW – capacity 4000 mc/h

Additional information

Weight 2100.0000 kg

Nova Pellet


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