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Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Composite Panels (Alucobond), Recycling

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

PELLET MILL mod. N-PICO/A (output 20-70 kg/h - installed power kW 4) - As per E.C. rules

PELLET MILL mod. N-PICO/A (output 20-70 kg/h - installed power kW 4) - As per E.C. rules

 7.500,00 (Vat Excluded)

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PELLET MILL mod. N-PICO/A (output 20-70 kg/h – installed power kW 4) – As per E.C. rules
N-PICO means pellet within the means of all. N-PICO was designed and developped on purpose for the small and “home” pellet production, in order to allow all carpenters, farmers or small firms to produce their own pellet by their material. N-PICO is the Pellet mill with smaller dimensions among NovaPellet models, but it has all most advanced technical and mechanical solutions in the market to obtain a low maintenance and production cost of pellet and a high quality of the produced pellet, without using additives or glues of any type, natural or not. Therefore, the produced pellet can be marketed either on the home market or on the industrial one or for the self-consumption. The pellet millN-PICO is designed and built according to the technical directives of the European Community ref. to the construction and safety of machines

Output per hour
Tender wood (fir – pine – poplar tree)      kg. 30/70 
Hard wood (beech – durmast – chestnut) kg. 20/60
Biomass (cereals – manure)                  kg. 30/90

Main data of the inlet raw material
Morfology: sawdust or material with granulometry between 0.5 mm and 1.5 mm. 
Humidity range: between 10% and 14% max. 
Raw material: all types of wood or other materials, without ferrous material

Technical data
Die cutter diam. mm. 240
Pressing roll diam. mm. 104
Pellet diam. mm. 6 (other on request)
Overall dimensions mm. 500x500x1270
Pellet mill weight kg. 140
Electric feeding V 400 +/- 10% Hz 50/60

The Pellet mill N-PICO is equipped with:
– electric board
– flat horizontal die cutter with interchangeable rings for the personalization of the compression length
– grid at pellet unloading for separation residual dust 
– nebuliser for addition of humidity
– easy setup of pressing rolls and grease lubrication
– minisilo of material dosing with manual shutter (or external minisilo 0,5 mc with dosing cochlea)
– preset of suction hoses

Innovative features of the N-PICO pellet mill 
• Solid and compact structure of reduced dimensions
• No use of additives or glues, even of natura origin
• Setting of the positioning of the external pressing roll, with the possibility to change during the working cycle without stopping the pellet mill 
• Horizontal die cutter of easy replacement and with low wear levels
• Interchangeable rings for the horizontal die cutter for the personalization of the compression length of the die cutter and possibility to work materials with different hardness 
• Raw material dosing through vibrating disc 
• Chips and sawdust dosing from the loading minisilo (Optional) with adjustable manual shutter
• Waterand air mixer for addition of nebulized water for humidification of raw material (Optional
• Easy installation of the refiner above the pellet mill
• Easy installation under the storage silo of sawdust or chips with stellar valve or cochlea 
• Easy management of the pellet mill

General features of the N-PICO pellet mill 
• Pellet mill with mechanical and electric operative system
• Manual adjustment of pressing rolls (that allow the rotation of the compression die cutter) 
• Material loading system through an hopper and manual shutter for dosing material (Optional
• Length of compression holes of the die cutter from 12 to 38 mm, variable according to the material to be treated (sawdust or other vegetal/agricultural waste) 
• Evacuation of pellets by net chute 
• Addition by vegetal oil for working starting and end (in order to avoid hardening of the residual material in the compression circuit when the machine isn’t working), manual or motorized by oil pump (Optional
• Manual motor greasing and reducer oil  lubrication 
• Manual grease lubrication of pressing rolls and chuck 
• Protective carter of the moving zones
• Preset for connection to dust suction intakes
• Mechanical level sensor on sawdust hopper (Optional) 
• Use and maintencance manual and E.C. certification


Additional information

Weight140.0000 kg

Nova Pellet


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