BAND SAW SCM GROUP Mod. FORMULA S 440P – As per E.C. rules

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BAND SAW SCM GROUP Mod. FORMULA S 440P – As per E.C. rules

– worktable [mm] 420 x 578
– cast iron flywheel diam. [mm] 440
– flywheel width [mm] 33
– max. cutting height (inches) [mm] 440 (18”)
– max. cutting width [mm] 425
– working table inclination (CE) 0° ÷ 45° (20°)
– min./max. blade dimensions [mm] 6/30
– standard 3-phase motor S1 400V 1,5kW 2 HP 50Hz (1,8kW 2,4 HP 60Hz)
– standard 3-phase motor S1 220V 3,6kW 4,8 HP 60Hz
– standard single-phase motor S1 220V 3,6kW 4,8 HP 60Hz
– suction mouth diam. [mm] N° 2 x 120

Use and maintenance manuals available only in the following languages: Italian, English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Czech, Portuguese
Pinion-rack lifting system of the blade guide unit
Blade tension indicator
Cast iron worktable
Cast iron disk flywheels that rotate on watertight bearings
Automatic braking of flywheel (E.C. version)
Pedal braking (USA, CANADA, protected version)
Motor protection
Access to flywheels with key (E.C. version))
Emergency button (USA/Canada and E.C. version))
Lower blade guide with bearings (USA, CANADA, E.C. version))
Upper blade guide with bearings
Cleaning brush on the lower flywheel
Safety micro-switches at doors (USA, CANADA, E.C. version))
Smooth floor
Suction mouth
Wood and nylon package


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