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Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Composite Panels (Alucobond), Recycling

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

ARUNDA SYSTEM for DOVETAIL JOINTS ON WOOD BEAMS, B-TYPE Mod. 80-B with stops at 90°. For beams with min. section mm. 80×90 / Max. mm. 140×330

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ARUNDA SYSTEM for DOVETAIL JOINTS ON WOOD BEAMS, B-TYPE Mod. 80-B with stops at 90°. For beams with min. section mm. 80×90 / Max. mm. 140×330.
Arunda: to realize carpentry dovetail joints.
By Arunda system, assembling of a structure with dovetail joints becomes an ornamental element! Setup in Switzerland by a group of professionals of the branchdefended by an international patent, Arunda templates were created in order to guarantee an easy and efficient use!

Nr. 1 Couple of templates with stops at 90°
Nr. 1 Milling cutter
Nr. 1 Guide ring
Nr. 1 Adjusting gauge
Nr. 1 Widening plate
Nr. 2 Couple of blades
Nr. 1 Wooden case
(Electric milling machine not included. ARUNDA recommends a MAFELL model, that can be found in accessories, always on our website).

Arunda templates.
Different models and sizes of templates are available in order to satisfy carpenter’s needs: nr. 50, 80, 120 and 160.
The choice of a model depends on the dimensions of the wood that is usually used for joints.
For the choice of a template only the width of the beams to be assembled is determining.
Each template allows to work on a particular range of width.
Greater the template is, greater the cjoint and even more its resistance!
So it’s advisable to choose the most suitable template for your needs, so as to guarantee the best allowed charge and a good safety of works.
A small beam needs a small joint and a great beam needs a high resistance great joint! It usually takes one model of template, only.

Each template allows even to realize joints (tenon/mortise) with variable height from 90 to 230-300 mm. according to the model.

Square-shaped “B”-type template with stops at 90°.

– 50B = For beams with width: Min. 45 / Max. 100 mm, Height: Min. 90 / Max. 330 mm.
– 80B = For beams with width: Min.80 / Max.140 mm, Height: Min.90 / Max.330 mm
– 120B = For beams with width: Min.120 / Max.200 mm, Height: Min.90 / Max.380 mm
– 160B = For beams with width: Min.150 / Max.300 mm, Height: Min.90 / Max.400 mm

These templates are equipped with square-shaped stops at 90°, adjustable in height.
They allow to realize all normal joints at 90°, particularly straight or oblique stringers on beam.
It’s also possible to realize oblique assemblings like rafters on purlin of ridge.
These templates are suitable for all situations that carpenters must face.
Templates are realized in massive steel and are particularly sturdy.
Templates with stops at 90° are available with a graduation in millimetres (mm.) or in inches (“/in/inch).

Width of stringers/rafters (beam with tenon) from 40 to 300 mm. / 1¾ to 12 inches
Allowed charges up to 2100 kgs. / 4630 pounds!

The different models of templates allow to realize tenons with very different width and resistences.
Greater the template is, larger the tenon is (from 40 to 160 mm.) and the allowed charge is greater (from 240 to 2100 kgs. per joint). Diemensions and allowed charges per each model are listed below.

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