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Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Composite Panels (Alucobond), Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.



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X = 3060 mm Y= 1550 mm Z = 180 mm
C.N.C. working center, equipped with:
• Automatic centralized lubrication
• Remote control panel
• Nr. 4 attachments for counterblocks
• Nr. 1 compressed air connection
• Nr. 2 work areas (X)
• Nr. 6 worktables“TL” 1550 (pull and push references)
• Nr. 12 suction cups 140 x 114 H =100 (TL)
• Nr. 6 suction cups 120 x 50 H =100 (TL)
• Panel lifting with 4 bars
• Laser cross device for suction cups positioning
• 0÷360° NC device for electrospindle
• Pump 90 m3/h
• Head TFM 18 with integrated blade (12V+4X+2Y)
• Electrospindle 11 kW (S6)
• Magazine RP16 – HSK F63
• Magazine LINEAR 10 – HSK F63
• Machine management software “Genesis Evolution”
• Programming software “Jet Cad”
• Teleservice

C.N.C. working center with bar work table and cantilever structure for working wood and materials with similar physical characteristics: 
• vertical drilling on the surface of the panel 
• horizontal drilling on 4 sides of the panel  
• milling with disc cutter integrated in “X” direction 
• generic milling


Base and worktable
• Base and upright in electro-welded steel
• Electric panel integrated in the base
• Worktable available in 2 lengths and fitted with “TL” (tubeless) tables with double wire “0” in sturdy closed aluminium structure and equipped with pneumatic locking system that allows the elimination of vacuum tubes for feeding the suction cups. Sliding on round hardened and ground guides. Rear references with 22 mm diam. retractable stem and 2nd front reference (double wire “0”) with 22 mm diam. stem.
• The machine is equipped with a centralized lubrication system with progressive distribution
• Centralized suction system with conveyor equipped with automatic partialization managed by control

Mobile upright and operating group
• Mobile upright with welded steel structure and internal ribs
• Operator group for vertical and horizontal drilling with independent spindles made of light aluminium alloy with high mechanical properties
• The movement of the X axis takes place via pinion and rack with convex and rectified helical teeth covered with dry lubricating film
• The movement of the Y and Z axis takes place via ball screw and preloaded nut
• The motorization of the axis is carried out by means of Brushless motors powered and controlled by parameterized digital drives

Drilling head
• Working unit for vertical and horizontal drillings with independent spindles in light aluminium alloy sliding on preloaded ball bearing slides and on 2 high precision linear guides in hardened and ground steel
• 12 drill chucks with “T” shaped vertical axis outlets with a 32 mm center distance (7X – 5Y)
• 2  twin-spindle heads for horizontal drilling oriented in X with a 32 mm center distance
• 1  twin-spindle head for horizontal drilling oriented in Y
• 1 integrated blade group ø 120 mm oriented in X. Tool attachment is designed for cylindrical shank with diam. 10 mm.

• Magazine LINEAR 10 – HSK F63. Linear magazine with 10 stations for main milling unit with HSK-F63 attachment, mounted on the right.
Overall height 220/240 mm, max tool diam. 170 mm, pliers center distance 110/160/180 mm
• Magazine RP-16 – HSK F63. Automatic magazine with 16 stations. The revolver with grippers completely embedded in the metal structure is placed on the rear of the machine upright.. Very resistant structure sliding on preloaded recirculating ball bearings and on 2 high precision linear guides in hardened and ground steel. It can be used by several milling units as long as they are aligned on the X axis. Pliers center distance 160 mm., max tool diam. 240 mm.

Numerical control
Numerical control with “Genesis Evolution” interface dedicated to the boring and milling machines of the wood sector installed on personal computer: 
Windows operative system 
Colour LCD video 
Querty keyboard 
Machine interface software “Genesis Evolution”
Mobile console
General software features:
– CAD manipulation tools
– Operator interface in language (I – GB – D – E – F)
– Multitasking operating system for using the control even when the machine is working
– Graphic display of the 6 machinable faces
– 2D and 3D visualization of the workpiece
“JET CAD” Latest generation CAD/CAM programming system with integrated environment that can operate both in the field of design only and on the machine.
High performance graphic editor with typical functions of a CAD drawing program:
– Interpretation and production of different (DXF, ISO) and customized drawing formats
– Database of totally customized processes
– Multiple options in custom information configuration
– parametric graphic programming 
– programming of machining on horizontal, verticali and fictitious faces
– programming of single, multiple holes (for multi-point tool), fitting on flat face and side faces
– absolute and incremental programming
2D Simulation  and time calculation
It allows to see a 2D simulation of the processes present on a program and to check the real time of execution of the piece
– graphical representation of the worktable (without traverses and suction cups) and of the configuration of the head including any warehouses
– graphic visualization of the work in progress
– fully configurable graphical interface 
Wood System Control Machine Module
Graphic environment for equipping the support surfaces and the suction cups that make up the workbench. The program allows you to simultaneously view the pieces to be worked and the workbench complete of the tables and suction cups really present in the machine. 
Optimal positioning of the elements of the bench that ensures correct sealing of the piece without incurring interference between clamping devices and tool.
At the end of the operations the system provides information for manual or automatic placement based on the machine configuration
TELESERVICE – remote assistance system via internet 
It allows the connection of the machine supervision PC with the assistence service via the Internet. 
Software: connection program that allows to make: 
• visualization of the operator interface 
• signal diagnosis 
• online verification and modification of the status of the configurations, parametres and programs 
• data backup and file transfer operations 
• upgrade operations of the machine logic and the operator interface 
N.W. An internet connection is required by the customer. If the connection in remote during the warranty period is not allowed by the customer who specifically requests a technical intervention at his headquarters and, after this, the technical interventions shows that the problem could have been solved with the connection denied, the technical intervention will be considered for a fee.

Quality and safety checks
Assembling by carrying out conformity tests according to specific test plans. 
The machine in the basic configuration includes safety protections in accordance with the Countries where they are required.


Useful working range X – Y – Z: 3060–1550–180 mm
Panel loadable in Y 1900 mm (2250 mm optional)
Piece passage in Z 250 mm
Linear speed X – Y – Z/axis:  X = 60 Y = 50 Z = 15 m/1′
Vector speed – X – Y/axis: 78 m/1′

Work plan
N° plans – N° suction cups per plans: 6 – 3 “TL” type 1550
N° attachment per counterblocks 4
Vacuum pump 90 m3/h

Drilling head
Vertical spindles 12 (7X – 5Y)
Horizontal spindles 6 (4X – 2Y)
Integrated blade in X 120 mm
Motor power 1,7 kW

Std power (S6) 11 kW
Max speed 24.000 r.p.m.

Tool magazine on the base side Linear 10: 10 stations
Rotative magazine RP/16: 16 stations

Automatic centralized lubrication

Installation (indicative values)
Installed power 16/22 kW
Compressed air consumption (1 attachment) 210 NL/min
Air intake consumption 5400/5800 m3/h
Suction air speed 28/30 m/sec
Suction mouth diam. 250 mm
Total weight of the machine 3.300 kg

Vacuum pumps can be used up to an height of 800 m above sea level. To change the calibration, use the appropriate codes inclued in the paragraph «Various working centers» 

The machine is designed to be connected to a 400 V 3-PGASE+NEUTRAL power supply network 
In the absence of the NEUTRAL conductor it’s necessary to mount one of the autotransformersincluded in the paragraph «Various working centers» 
The machine isn’t protected against electrocution risks due to indirect contacts. 
Protection against indirect contacts of the machine is the customer’s responsability.
In this regard, it’s specified that in the plants of: 
• TT type, powered by the low voltage public distribution network, 
• TN type powered by the medium voltage public distribution network
The power supply line of the machine must be protected by a differential switch: 
• dedicated (type B recommended), independent from that of the plant or other users, 
• adjustable both in current (recommended 0,03 – 0,3 – 1 A) and in time (recommended 0 – 0,3 – 1 – 3 S.), 
• suitably coordinated with the user’s earthing system (ref. IEC 60364-4-41; HD 60364-4-41). 
For environments with a higher risk of fire, the maximum value of the differential tripping current is 1A (even with delayed tripping). 
In the case of TN-type systems, the system must be of the TN-S type with separate neutral and protective conductor (IEC 60364-4-482; HD 384.4.482).


For all versions:

FB0000 CE Regulations – Machine execution compliant with CE regulations

FB0697 Adaptation eelctrical requirements for USA/Canada (no marking)

FB0890 “Jet Super” loading in “Y” 2250 mm
Enlarged fairing to allow loading in Y of panels up to 2250 mm
N.W. On Jet Optima C21 versions C,D,E,F it’s obligatory to select the magazine Linear 10

FB0456 Air conditioning of the electrical cabinet
The system allows to keep the temperature inside the electrical cabinet at adequate levels and to guarantee insulation from external dust.
N.W. Recommended when the ambient temperature is above 35°

FB0496 Start-up tool kit for working the cabinet

Only for versions WF

FB0202 Chip conveyor belt for Jet Optima

Only for versions WF XL

FB0203 Chip conveyor belt for Jet Optima XL


FB0477 Supplement for 2 additional tables with double wire”0″ for Jet Optima P20 WF

FB0470 Supplement panel lifting with 6 bars (TL)
For Jet Optima C21 for versions C, D, E, F, only

FB0476 Supplement for central wire “0” Jet Optima (3+3 in push)

FB0255 Display for table and suction cup dimensions (each table) for Jet Optima P
It replaces the laser cross device for suction cups positioning

FB0028 Kit of safety sensors on references for 6/8 tables

FB0328 Kit of 6 clamps for Ø 135 for TL double vacuum lines for elements up to  68 mm thick

FB0261 Kit references for veneers for manual insertion for TL tables


FB0229 Suction cup 140×114 mm (TL)

FB0231 Suction cup 125×75 mm (TL)

FB0232 Suction cup 120×50 mm (TL)

FB0234 Suction cup 150×30 mm (TL)

FB0237 Suction cup 60×60 mm (TL)

FB0233 0-90° rotatable suction cup 125×75 mm (TL)

FB0235 Suction cup 120×50 mm with lock (TL)

FB0238 Suction cup 130×30 mm oriented in Y (TL)

FB0239 Suction cup 130×30 mm oriented in X (TL)

N.W. Vacuum pumps can be used up to an height of 800 m above sea level. To change the calibration, use the appropriate codes included in the paragraph «Various work centers»

FB0542 Additional pump 90 m3/h


FB0821 Supplement for 26M head with integrated blade (18V+4X+4Y+blade)
N.W. For Jet Optima C21, only for versions C, D, E, F

Application according configuration schemes

FB1004 Horizontal milling group with 2 outputs 3,3 kW – ERG 32
N.W. Only for version Plus

FB1007 Horizontal milling group with 2 outputs and double position in Y 3,3 kW – ERG32 
Application according configuration schemes. No drilling head is in the machine.
N.W. Only for version Plus

Application according configuration schemes

FB0840 Cutter/blade group with 2 outputs 0-90° 4 kW ERG25/32

Application according configuration schemes

FB0112 Vertical milling group 7 kW right rotation – ERG32
N.W. On Jet Optima P and Jet Optima S, only for version Plus

FB0113 Vertical milling group 7 kW left rotation – ERG32
N.W. On Jet Optima P and Jet Optima S, only for version Plus

ELECTROSPINDLES HSK F63: with liquid cooling

FB0837 Supplement for Electrospindle 15 kW (S6) 24000 RPM – HSK F63
Complete with cooling system


FB0081 Swiveling chip protection device on electrospindle – It requires the 0-360° NC device

FB0084 Rotative magazine BT 10 stations – HSK F63 – Magazine on the head. Pliers center distance 126,5 mm

FB0819 Supplement for magazine RP 24 – HSK F63

Use subject to the spedcific working heights of the machine

FB0595 Tilting manual head 1 output blade 180/cutter HSK-F63 ERG25 COMPACT
Without 0-360° it can be used with limitations
N.W. It requires the PT1 magazine

FB0123 Cutter/blade head with 2 horizontal outputs – blade diam. 140mm – ERG25 – HSK F63
Without 0-360° it can be used with limitations
N.W. It requires the PT1 magazine

FB0124 Cutter/blade head with 2 horizontal outputs – blade diam.220mm – ERG32 – HSK F63
It requires the 0-360° NC device

FB0125 Head with 4 horizontal outputs – ERG25 – HSK F63
Without 0-360° it can be used with limitations

FB0126 Head for horizontal workings – cutter L=130 mm – ERG32 – HSK F63
On Jet Optima C21 – RT21: Without 0-360° it can be used with limitations

On all other models: It requires the 0-360° device

FB0127 Head for notching – diam. max. 70mm – HSK F63
It requires the 0-360° NC device

FB0128 Counter-supported head – diam. max. 100mm – HSK F63
It requires the 0-360° NC device

FB0530 Head with copier with floating ring – ERG 32 – HSK F63
It requires air line on electrospindle or 0-360° device

FB0562 Head with side floating feeler – HSK F63
It requires the 0-360° device

FB0132 Head of blade max diam. 250mm – HSK F63
It requires the 0-360° NC device

FB0133 Head of blade max diam. 300mm – HSK F63
It requires the 0-360° NC device

FB0134 Head for hinges center distance 48-6 – HSK F63
Without 0-360° NC it can be used with limitations

FB0135 Drilling head HSK-F63 with 2 horizontal outputs – cylindrical attachment
It requires the 0-360° NC device

FB0531 Testina fresa/lama a 1 uscita ad inclinazione variabile gestita da CN (Qin_X)
Comprensivo di dispositivi di regolazione inclinazione utensile
It requires the 0-360° device
Richiede uno dei seguenti tipi di magazzino PT1, o PT2, o RP/16 o RP/24


FB0121 Software per codice a barre + lettore wireless + alimentatore


FB0118 JET CABINET – Installazione e formazione non inclusi nel prezzo


FB0743 Software CAD/CAM Alphabase – Formazione e installazione non inclusi nel prezzo

N.B. Per carico in container è obbligatorio selezionare un imballo

FB0846 Pallet con sacco “cocoon” versioni WF

FB0676 Pallet con sacco “cocoon” versioni WLF o WF XL


JET OPTIMA P20 PLUS WF – XL: X = 5460 mm Y= 1550 mm Z = 180 mm

JET OPTIMA P20 FULL WF: X = 3060 mm Y= 1550 mm Z = 180 mm

JET OPTIMA P20 FULL WF – XL: X = 5460 mm Y= 1550 mm Z = 180 mm

Additional information

Weight 3300,0000 kg


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