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Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Composite Panels (Alucobond), Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.



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X = 3115 mm Y= 1320 mm Z = 180 mm

N.C. Work center complete of:
– “Jet 4 T” electrospindle 9,5 kW (S6) – 24.000 r.p.m. with 1-position positioning headset and device 0-360 N.C. with functionality of interpolation for connection to heads with angular redirection* with pneumatic use  (* heads can be housed only on LINEAR 11 magazin)
– 18 JT Head with integrated blade (12V+4X+2Y)
– LINEAR 11 stand linear warehouse
– Internal machine protection magazine ST14 PLUS
– Nr. 2 working areas (X)
– Nr. 6 worktops “TL” 1300 with double wire “0”
– Nr. 12 suction cups 140×115 H=75 “TL”
– Panel lifting with 4 bars
– Pump 90 m3/h
– Manual centralized lubrication
– Machine management software “Easy2Go CNC”
– Programming software “Wave”
– 2 hardware keys (machine and office)


Computerized C.N.C. work center with bar worktable and cantilever structure for working wood and materials with similar physical features.:
• vertical drilling on the panel surface
• horizontal drilling on the 4 sides of the panel
• cuts with integrated blade in “X” direction
• 3 and 4 axis general milling


Base and work-table and safety
• Monolithic base in thick steel, strongly ribbed and high rigidity with a large support structure that guarantees the high stability and precision in all working conditions.
• Worktop equipped with tops in robust “TL” aluminium structure (tubeless) double vacuum circuit that allows an excellent locking of the suction cup and workpiece. The tops run on round hardened and ground
guides and are equipped with:
– rear reference stop with ø 22 mm retractable stem for the positioning the panel in thrust
– front reference stop with ø 22 mm retractable stem (double wire “0”) for double work area and machining of narrow workpieces
• The machine is equipped with a manual centralized lubrication system with progressive distribution. In case of exhaustion of grease, the control sends an alarm signal.
• Safety system with bumpers conforming to Dir. CE 2006/42 equipped with protective hood equipped with window in anti-ejection material for maintenance operations. On the right and left side of the hood the machine is equipped with 2 soft cushions sensitive to contact that in impact case activate sensors that interrupt machine operations and send it in “emergency” condition.
• Central vacuum system with pneumatic valves controlled by the numerical control that manage the partialization focusing the flow on the working unit increasing the piece cleaning and reducing consumption and noise.

Mobile upright and operating group
• Mobile upright with welded steel structure and internal ribs.
• The movement of the X and Y axis is carried out on linear prismatic guides and with pinion and rack with helical teeth
• The movement of Z axis is carried out on linear prismatic guides and preloaded nut
• The motorization of the axis and the management of machine events is realized with technology and Brushless motor digital drives that guarantee reduced working times and better precision of positioning.

Boring head 18 JT
Working unit for vertical and horizontal drillings with independent chucks in light aluminium alloy that slides on preloaded ball bearings slides and on 2 high precision linear guides in hardened and ground steel.
Head 18 JT (12V + 4X + 2Y)
12 “T” vertical chucks (distance 32 – 8 X – 5Y, one in common)
2 2-chuck heads in X
1 2-chuck head for horizontal drillings in Y
1 integrated group for blade ø 125 mm oriented in X
Motor 2,2 kW (S6) driven by inverter
Vertical spindle stroke 60 mm
Horizontal spindle stroke 75 mm
Tool holder for cylindrical shank of diam. 10 mm

LINEAR 11 – HSK F63 stores
Linear tool magazine with 11 positions for the main milling unit on the base
Technical data
Max number of tools: 11
Distance between workstations: 115 mm
Max. tool diam.: 200 mm
Max. single tool weight: 8 Kg
Max. total weight: 55 Kg
Max. weight of the single head: 10 Kg
ST 14 Plus – HSK F63 Magazine
Linear tool magazine inside the protective structure of the 14-position mobile bridge of the rack type, for tools and heads with angular return.
High rigidity steel structure.
– max. number of tools: 14
– max. tool diam.: 180 mm (circular or aggregate tool with angular return)
– distance between workstations: n. 7 positions distance 110 mm, n. 7 positions distance 130 mm
– max. single tool weight: 8 Kg
– max. total weight: 42 Kg
Tool cones and pliers not included.

Numerical control with interface “Easy2Go CNC” optimized to be used via touch screen. Graphics and icons facilitate and make easy navigation. Operator interfacee in language (I – GB – F – D – E).
Main functions:
Machine reports: production reports, events, alarms and maintenance;
Maintenance: Easy2Go CNC signals the operations to be carried out on the machine, linking then to the relevant procedure;
Machine event diagnosis: Easy2Go CNC detects and displays alarms and warning, offering help for the elimination of the current error;
User and shift management;
-History of the machine;
-Loading lists, single and barcode programs;
-Execution of manual/ semi-automatic (MDI) commands;
-Calibration of axles;
-Management of machine states;
-Paddle commands (virtual control panel);
-Visualization of the axis dimensions and feeding/speed override;
* worktops
* magazines and heads without automatic tool change
* boring heads
“Wave” Programming software dedicated to boring and milling machines.
CAD/CAM system with 3D graphics that allows you to program with extreme ease.
Main functions:
– Management of piece programming
– Tool database management
– Machine configuration management: operator groups, work plans, tool magazines
– Management of piece clamping plates (bars, clamps, suction cups, …)
Program with simple graphics of immediate use with an intuitive layout composed by function menus organized in groups and distributed in top horizontally and list of operations positioned to the left of the screen, with tree structure
The CAD part of the application offers extensive drawing capabilities, through a sketching environment that has elementary geometries such as: point, line, arc, circle, ellipse etc. on which you can perform further operations, such as drawing fittings and chamfers and the union of geometries.
The parametric programming is included: parametres are assegnable either to the main project than to the individual subprogrammes or macros referred to therein.
Tool management
Tool management is made through a dedicated application called “Tool Manager”. The tools, divided into categories, are graphically represented for a simple and immediate of the relative parametres. The program provides an automatic optimization of drilling and tool change cycles.
Each tool is identified by a name, providing the operator a simple and direct way for selecting the tool itself.
Management of the work plan
The programming of the work plans is completely graphical.
The operator has the possibility to:
– see the model of the configured work plan
– set up the top with the clamping devices he uses in the machine
– move bars/suction cups/clamps in the necessary positions
– parameterize the position of clamping devices
– create processing steps in which the workpiece or the devices in the table change position
– check whether there are collisions between the workings and the devices of the table
– see and arrange the pieces defined in the project
– automatically define the best arrangement of the clamping devices during the work phase
Cycle time estimation
Wave is equipped with a pre-configured calculation module that based on the programmed machining, the
necessary tool changes, the tool mileage etc., is able to provide a numerical value of the time required to run a program. Estimation of the times of a project for a single program or list of programs, exportable in Excel format (CSV o XLS) (possible range of variation of the simulation regarding the real working +/-10%).
Data import
Wave allows the following imports of external files in DXF format. (2D; “POLYLINE 3D” geometries cannot be imported)
The system includes an hardware key for USB port to enable to the use of WAVE programming software.
TELESERVICE remote assistance system via internet
It allows the connection of the supervision PC of the machine, through Internet network, with service assistance.
Software: connection program that allows you to perform:
• operator interface display
• diagnosis of signals
• online verification and change of configuration status, parametres and machine programs
• data backup and file transfer operations
• machine logic and operator interface upgrade operations
N.W. An internet connection is required by the customer
For Jet Elite models an additional connection PC-NC via network is required by the customer.
The service is free for the warranty period.
If the remote service connection during the warranty period is not allowed by the customer who specifically requires a technical intervention at his headquarters and, after this, the technical intervention shows that the problem could be solved with the connection denied, the technical intervention will be considered a fee.


Working range axis X*-Y-Z    3115-1320-180 mm
Panel loading capacity in Y  1600 mm
Piece passage in Z  180 mm
Piece length in pendulum  990 mm
Vector speed  X = 56 m/1′
N° tops – N° suction cups per top:  6 tops (TL) – Y = 1320 mm / 2 suction cups
Vacuum pump  90 m3/h
Boring head 18JT
Vertical spindles  12 (8X – 5Y, one in common)
Horizontal spindles  6 (4X – 2Y)
Integrated blade in X  125 mm
Motor power  2,2 kW
Electrospindle 3 axis “JET 3T”
Std power / Tool holder HSK F63 (tool cones and pliers not included) 8/9,5 kW (11/13 HP)
Linear base magazine  LINEAR 11
Internal machine protection magazine  ST 14 PLUS
Centralized lubrication  Manual
Installation (basic machine indicative values)
Installed power  23÷28,5 kW
Medium/max compressed air consumption  450 NL/min
Intake air consumption  4500 m3/h
Air intake speed  25 m/min
Suction mouth diam.  250 mm.

X* = internal distance between stops

The above mentioned quotas are to considered indicative since they may vary according to the optional and
can be changed without any notice.
Vacuum pumps can be used up to an altitude of 800 m ssl. To vary the calibration, use the appropriate codes provided as optional list.
The machine is designed to be connected to a 400 V power supply
In the absence of the NEUTRAL conductor it’s necessary to mount one of the autotransformers included in the paragraph «Various work centers»
The machine is not protected against the risk of electrocution due to indirect contacts.
The customer is responsible for protecting the machine against indirect contacts.
For technical details on the connection of the machine to the company power line it’s necessary to consult the operation and maintenance booklet.

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