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Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Composite Panels (Alucobond), Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.



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• Incoming control panel on pine cone on ergonomic position
• Protection booth of the groups installed after the glueing group with polycarbonate windows for viewing the groups during working and coating in sound-absorbing material. Lamps for cabin interior lighting
• Machine base in folded and welded laminates that guarantee high rigidity to the structure. Openings with slides for the unloading on the ground of any un-aspirated chips
• Panel support roller along the entire length of the machine with telescopic opening system and panel plastic sliding wheels  with steel rotation pins 
• Track feeding system 
with high adherence rubber coated shoes fixed on industrial chain. The runners slide on 2 steel guides. The 2 guides have different section: one is circular in section, one is flat in section. This system allows straight forward movement  and ensures high resistance to lateral loads. Automatic slide lubrication witj opti,ization of the quantity of oil according to the panels worked
• Panel spacer device
 at the machine inlet that allows the insertion of the panels with the right space. Automatic variation of the distance according to the selected working speed
• Upper presser 
in folded and welded steel laminates, supported by steel columns with vibration-free structure to which the operating groups are fixed
2 rows of panel pressure wheels made of high adherence rubber and sliding on bearings. Carter to cover the wheels from any un-aspirated chips. Electronic lifting of the presser when the panel thickness changes.
• Upper operating groups 
fixed to the presser or mechanically linked to it to allow their automatic adjustment  as the panel thickness changes.
Lower groups frixed to the track spar for a precise reference with respect to the panel. High frequency motors with inverter. Suction mouths of the operating groups positioned on the upper side of the cabin.

Electrical system
Electrical system compliant with current legislation and inserted in a metal container with doors for easy access.

Safety rules
The machine is manufactured in compliance with ISO 18217 standards. 
Attention: For some countries it’s required to select the variant relating to the specific legislation envisaged as optional 

Control system “MEGA 300 TS”
Numerical control positioned at the entrance of the machine on a pine cone in an ergonomic area for the operator.
Main functions:
– Operating group control and automatic sequential starting of the motors
– 12” colour Touch-Screen Monitor
– Glue pot temperature control and adjustment 
– Graphic simulation of the processes per each side of the panel
– Graphical representatiion of all operating groups and their status (on-off)
– Memory capacity: 100 customizable edgebanding programs, 6 of which with quick recall
– Simple diagnostic system that guides the operator in solving errors
– Processing of partial and absolute machining statistics including number of pieces machined, edge applied, machine start time, track distance
– Selection of the 1st and 2nd passage without changing the program
– Measurement units in mm or inches
– Operating temperature: from 0° to + 45° C

Inlet rectifier group “TR/E”
The group is positioned before the glueing group. It allows to grind the edge of the panel and to obtain an excellent glueing surface. The group consists of 2 cutters equipped with automatic timed intervention to avoid chipping of the panel. The cutters are mounted on 2 high frequency motors and are adjustable in height for the correct centering of the tool with respect to the panel.
Technical data
– Variable removal determined by the positioning of the inlet guide regulated by knob and numerical indicator. 
– Double automatic position to be able to work with the group on or off. 
– Fontal pad copiers to be bale to make a constant and precise removal on the whole length of the panel
– Timed blower to clean the machined side
– Chip suction hoods 
The group is equipped with a pair of diamond cutters H= 49 (D=100 H=49 Z = 3+3). Max workable panel height 45 mm (For working 60 mm, the optional must be added)

Glueing group “GP/1100 P”
The unit performs automatic glueing with hot melt glue of edges in rolls and strips on the side of straight panels 
Glue pot
– independent motorization for the recirculation and the continuous recovery of the glue 
– non-stick treatment to facilitate glue replacement and maontenance
– spreader roller with knurling which guarantees a homogeneous and optimized spreading
– digital thermoregulation to control the glue temperature
– glue pot temperature with automatic lowering after a period of inactivity of the machine
– adjustment of the glue dispensed
– glue pot quick release “Quick Lock
– “Easy” device that includes the automatic exclusion of the glue pot in case of non-use or block of the track feed and the automatic locking system for copyng the glue pot in the last part of the panel
Pre-melter for EVA glue 
It ensures the maintenance of a constant and optimal glue temperature in all working conditions. 
The pre-melter device includes a container for 4,8 litres of granule glue and a glue pot with capacity of about 0,5 Kg (2,6 kW). 
Glue melting capacity up to 8,5 kg/h. 
A level sensor ensures the automatic feeding. 
Manual glue unloading control
Installed power 2,15 kW 
Edge loading
– drive roller and 1st edge pressure roller with single drive
– drive roller for automatic loading of the edge when the panel arrives
– shears for automatic cutting of the edge in rolls
– roll holder plate
– sheet pusher device for automatic loading of the edge in strips 
– 2 interchangeable drawing rollers: 1 knurled roller for the processing of thin and plastic edges; 1 pin roller for processing solid wood edges
Edge pressure rolls with CN axis for the automatic adjustment of roll position according to the edge applied 
Roller with 4 rolls: 
– 1st large motorized and frictioned roll  
– 2 idle rolls with opposite taper which ensure optimized edge pressure 
– 4th cyloindrical idle roll  
– roll pressure with pneumatic adjustment 
– timed roll intervention on the panel 

Header group “IK/S”
The group, complete with 2 independent high frequencyt motors, allows to perfectly cut the excess edge on the front and rear of the panel in progresss (even soft/postformed panels)
The robustness of the structur and the sliding of the 2 motors on prismatic guides with recirculating ball slides ensure a high machining precision and reliability. This system guarantees absence of play and the maximum repetitiveness. 
Technical data: 
– 2 high frequency motors 
– Independent automatic inclination (front/rear) of blades 0-15° 
– Copier on each motor that allows an accurate blade positioning with respect to the cutting point  
– Suction hoods for both motors above the cutting area 
– Complete of blades

Overlying trimming group “TS/P” (opt)
The group allows the trimming of the excess edge in the upper and lower part 
Technical data:
– 2 horizontal high frequency motors
– Rotating vertical copiers that allow to perfectly align tools with respect to the cutting point 
– Pneumatic group exclusion 
– Double pneumatic vertical position for performing the trimming with or without excess
– Knobs and numerical indicators for adjusting
– Equipped with cutters and straight throwaway knives 
– Suction hoods

Tilting trimming group “TT/S”
The group allows the trimming of the edge in the upper and lower part of the panel. 
Technical data:
– 2 high frequency motors
– Manual motor inclination 25°
– Knobs and numerical indicators for adjusting
– Double manual working position with revolver stop with 4 positions
– Independent pneumatic exclusion of the upper and lower group  
– Chip suction hoods
– Equipped with straight tools with throwaway knives 

Rounding group “ROUND A/2 SUPER”
The group allows the rounding of straight or shaped angles and the trimming of the upper/lower side of the panel. Equipped with 2 high frequency motors and with prismatic guides and ball recirculating slides that ensure movements without play.
– max working speed 18 m/min in rounding and trimming
– selection of independent workings between trimming and rounding
– vertical and frontal copier for the adjustment of the cutting point of the tool on the panel
– double manual working position
– automatic exclusion of the group
– high efficiency chip suction 
– complete with brazed tools with radius (R=2)

Rounding group “ROUND/4A”
The group allows the automatic rounding automatica of the angles of the applied edge without the need to stop the piece. It’s possible the rounding of:
– panels edged with synthetic materials (PVC/ABS, melamine, laminate etc.)
– panels edged with solid wood and veneer 
– post/soft formed panels
The operation is carried out in a single step (per each side of the panel) without the need for any manual intervention
The “trimming” function is included.
Technical data:
– 4 high frequency motors
– Vertical rotating copiers and frontal copiers with ground contact surfaces that ensure the maximum machining precision
– Pneumatic exclusion of the group with motors stopped
– Brazed cutters R = 2 mm with 4 cutting edges
– High efficiency suction hoods per each motor

Edge scraper group “SCR/1000”
The group ensures the finishing of PVC/ABS edges up to 3 mm and eliminates the marks left by tools during trimming.
Technical data:
– Rotating copiers for adjusting the tool working point 
– Quick release of the head complete of tool and copiers for a quick change of working 
– Pneumatic exclusion of the upper and lower group
– Knobs and numerical indicators for adjusting
– Suction hoods and waste collection filter
– Equipped with knives (R=2 mm)

Brush group BFN
The group is equipped with 2 independent motors for edge cleaning/polishing. The tiltting motors optimize the part cleaning/polishing phase.

Feeding speed 10÷22 m/min
Feeding speed with edge in solid wood > 6 mm 12 m/min
Panel thickness 10 (13)** ÷ 60 mm
Edge thickness 0,3 ÷ 15 mm
Max thickness of edges in roll 0,3 ÷ 3 mm
Max section of edges in roll 135 mm2
Max width of edges in strips 195 mm
Max. excess of the edge with respect to panel thickness 2+3 mm
Roll-holder plate diam. 780 mm
Min length of panels with edges in roll 170 mm
Min length of panels with edges in solid wood 250 mm
Min panel width (at least 210 mm long):
with panel thickness up to 40 mm: 55 mm
with panel thickness from 41 to 60 mm: 80 mm
with edge thickness more than 3 mm: 80 mm
– with compositions with ROUND/4A: 60 mm
Min panel length (at least 100 mm wide)
– with speed up to 18 m/min: 140 mm
-with speed more than 18 m/min: 250 mm.
– with compositions with ROUND/4A: 170 mm
Interspace between 2 successive panels at 12 m/min. 500 mm
Interspace between 2 successive panels at 18 m/min. 650 mm
Panel support roller opening 600 mm 
Worktable height 950-980 mm

Rectifier group TR-E
Max removal 55 mm2
Max removable thickness 3 mm
Panel thickness 8 ÷ 45 mm
* (60 mm panel thickness with tool H=64 mm (opt(60 mm)*
Tool rotation speed 9.000 r.p.m.
Tool-holder shaft diam. 30 mm
Motor power 1,8 kW
Tools: diam. 100 mm
Tools: height 49 mm (64 mm opt)

Glue pot group “GP/1100 P”
Pressure rolls 1+3 
Glue pot capacity 0,5 Kg 
Glue pot resistance power 2,6 kW 
Glue container capacity 4,8 L 
Heating time < 10 min 
Pre-melter glue melting capacity *(according to glue features) 8,5 Kg/h 
Pre-melter resistance power 2,15 kW

Header group IK/S
Motor power 0,35 kW
Blade rotation speed 12.000 r.p.m.
Blade inclination 0 ÷ 15°

Overlying trimming group “TS/P” (opt)
Motor power 1 kW
Tools with straight cutting edges 
Vertical copiers: disc 
Cutter rotation speed 12.000 r.p.m.

Tilting trimming group “TT/S”
Motor power 1 kW
Min thickness of the gleaned panel 10 mm
Min thickness of the panel with radius 2 mm 13 mm
Motor inclination 0 ÷ 25°
Vertical and frontal copiers: disc/disc
Standard tools with straight cutting edges
(with 2-position kit) (radius 2 mm)
Cutter rotation speed 12.000 r.p.m.

Rounding group ROUND A2 Super
Edge thickness 0,4 ÷ 3 mm
Panel thickness
– with straight angle 10 ÷ 60 mm
– with shaped angle (according to the profile) 10 ÷ 40/50 mm
Min panel length 140 mm
Max working speed 18 m/min
Panel interspace with speed 12 m/min: 700 mm
Panel interspace with speed 18 m/min: 800 mm
Vertical/frontal copiers: disc/pad
Tool radius 2 mm
Motor power 0,55 kW
Tool rotation speed 12.000 r.p.m.

Rounding group “ROUND/4A”
Edge thickness 0,4 ÷ 5 mm
Panel thickness 10 ÷ 60 mm
Min panel length with speed 18 m/min 170 mm
Min panel length with speed 22 m/min 220 mm
Max working speed (the speed can change according to the profile and the material processed) 22 m/min
Panel interspace with speed 10 m/min 600 mm
Panel interspace with speed 22 m/min 600 mm
Vertical/frontal copiers: disc/pad
Motor power 0,35 kW
Tool radius 2 mm
Cutter rotation speed 12.000 r.p.m.

Edge scraper group “SCR/1000”
Min panel thickness 13 mm
Vertical/frontal copiers: disc/disc
Tool radius R=2 mm

Brush group BFN
Rotation speed 1.400 r.p.m.
Motor power 0,13 kW

Motor power expressed in S1.

** Min panel thickness linked to the groups present in the machine or functioning


CA3655 Execution of European EC safety standards

CA3656 Execution of “UL/CSA”safety standards


Electric predispositions Flexa 307


CA2062 Predisposition for barcode reader

CA2063 Barcode reader

CA4045 Teleservice Flexa
Only with Touch Screen system


CA3598 Eco System Package
nozzle opening/closing device not supplied

CA3694 Belt upper presser

CA3039 Introduction system for narrow pieces 

CA3695 Support roller with extension 1700 mm

CA3596 Processing panels with protruding ennobling
N.W. It isn’t possible to work with the end trimming group when the material protrudes at the head and tail of the panel
Available only in the compositions with the rectifier group

CA4051 Kit of tools R=1 mm instead of R= 2 mm (std)

CA4052 Kit of tools R=1,5 mm instead of R= 2 mm (std)

CA4053 Kit of tools R=3 mm instead of R=2 mm (std)


CA3772 Anti-adhesive group “RA”
N.W. Available only for machines with inlet rectifier 

CA3085 “QUICK SIZE SUPER” device
Available only for machines with inlet rectifier 

CA3779 Motor power 4 kW instead of 2,2 kW

CA3773  Diamond tools for rectifying group h=64 Z=3+3


CA2082 Edge detection sensor

CA4033 Ceramic infrared lamp for panel heating 

CA2084 Pressure rollers with electronic positioning
For Flexa 207 Super, obligatory the Touch Screen control and the Comfort Kit

CA2093 Double vertical roll-holder with manual tool change

CA3780 2-roll magazine with automatic edge change

CA3686 Spare glue pot (group “GP/1100”)
N.W. The double thermoregulation supplied as standard allows to work even with polyurethane glue 

CA3687 Spare glue pot for machines with pre-melter)
Obligatory the glue group with pre-melter

CA2084 Pressure rollers with electronic positioning
For Flexa 207 Super, obligatory the Touch Screen control and the Comfort Kit

CA3637 Predisposition for AirJet Package
Available only for machines with round group

CA3635 Predisposition for AirJet Package
Available only for machines with round group. Obligatory the Kit Easy for glue group

CA3677 PUR glue device with spreading slot – The device is interchangeable with the pot for EVA glue supplied as standard 

CA3678 Predisposition for PUR glue device with spreading slot 

CA3679 Container for pot with polyurethane glue
Attention: consult the glue manufacturer about the max pot recovery times


CA3697 2-pneumatic position system (trimming unit “TT/S”)
N.W. The device includes the pneumatic group exclusion. The trimmer is equipped with radial cutters and it isn’t possible to equip it with straight cutters or change motors.
To work edges in solid wood, the overlying trimmer must be provided.

CA3058 Electronic positioning of the frontal copiers

CA3684 Trimming tool with different radius
N.W. It’s necessary to specify tool radius. Available only with versions with Round A/2 Super. For the group Round A/2 Super it’s necessary to select the pair of interchangeable motors.

CA3062 Interchangeable motors for the trimming unit TT/S 1 kW

CA3003 “Nesting” copier (tilting trimming unit TT/S)
Obligatory to add the code CA2098 “2-position kit on the trimming unit”


CA5682 Interchangeable motors (Rounding unit “A2 Super”)


CA3781 Spare motors (nr. 4) for ROUND/4A


CA3007 Spare heads for edge scraper SCR/1000

CA3009 “Nesting” copier for edge scraper SCR/1000
Obligatory the group “SCR/1000”

CA3090 Edge scraper SCR/S in replacement of SCR/1000
 It’s required to specify 2 dimensions of tool radius among: R1 – R1,5 – R 2 – R 2,5 – R 3 mm

CA3091 “Nesting” copier for edge scraper SCR/S



CA3092 Router group “SM-100”
Optional for space “1” – It’s recommended to use tools as per indications in the Use and maintenance manual

CA3688 Electrical predisposition for router group “SM-1000”
N.W. Not compatible with the router group

CA3093 Oscillating belt sanding group “SAND-1”
N.W. Optional for space “1”

CA3689 Electrical predisposition for sanding group “SAND-1”
N.W. Not compatible with the sanding group


CA3094 Overlying trimming group “TS/P” 1 kW
N.W. Optional for space “1R”

CA3067 “Nesting” copier for trimming unit “TS/P”

CA4047 Electrical predisposition for trimming unit TS/P


CA3777 Edge finishing kit with nebulizing fluid

CA3778 Delicate edge protection kit with nebulizing fluid

CA3071 Glue scraper “GSU/2”
Optional for Space “1⁄2”

CA3073 Pneumatic oscillation system for brush group

CA5004 Phon group “F/1” for PVC/ABS edges
N.W. – 
Optional for Space”1S”



CA3096 Pair of brazed cutters

CA3095 Straight cutters for tilting trimmers – 15 mm

CA3077 Cutters R=1 mm for tilting trimmers

CA3630 Cutters R=1,5 mm for tilting trimmers

CA3078 Cutters R=2 mm for tilting trimmers

CA3079 Cutters R=3 mm for tilting trimmers


CA3668 Pair of brazed cutters R=1 mm

CA3669 Pair of brazed cutters R=1,5 mm

CA3670 Pair of brazed cutters R=2 mm

CA3671 Pair of brazed cutters R=3 mm

CA4002 4 brazed cutters R 1 mm

CA3633 4 brazed cutters R 1,5 mm

CA4003 4 brazed cutters R 2 mm

CA4004 4 brazed cutters R 3 mm


CA3030 Pair of knives for edge scraper R=1

CA3632 Pair of knives for edge scraper R=1,5 mm

CA3031 Pair of knives for edge scraper R=2 mm

CA3032 Pair of knives for edge scraper R=3 mm

CA3690 Pair of knives for edge scraper SCR/S (XE) R=1-1,5 mm 

CA3691 Pair of knives for edge scraper SCR/S (XE) R=1-2 mm 

CA3692 Pair of knives for edge scraper SCR/S (XE) R=1-3 mm 

CA3693 Pair of knives for edge scraper SCR/S (XE) R=1,5-2 mm

CA3749 Pair of knives for edge scraper SCR/S (XE) R=1,5-3 mm 

CA3750 Pair of knives for edge scraper SCR/S (XE) R=2-3 mm

N.W. For loading in container it’s obligatory to select a package 

CA9067 Pallet for bases L=6100 

CA9061 Pallet for bases L=6500 

CA9068 Maritime crate for bases L=6100 

CA9062 Maritime crate for bases L=6500


CA3672 Additional edge bander testing 


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