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: the alternative to the traditional industrial granulator for plastic materials.

To complete the working process and the recovery of plastic rejects, we have designed and built a system that combines the advantages of the four shaft shredder with an in-line granulator , capable of producing final chips measuring 4-8 mm.

The final sizes reachable with Combi are 4-8 mm.

This shredding machine can grind pieces with an outstanding volume and cutting-resistant.

In this way investment costs are reduced.

For instance a machine with a 800×800 mm loading inlet and 27 KW of total installed power capacity is capable of directly granulating between 400 and 500 kg/h of 200 liters HDPE tanks, car tyres, cases and plastic packaging at 8 mm.

The final granulating process is carried out using a grinder equipped with a blade of only 500 mm , with one of the lowest total running costs in the market.

Combi, that is the shredder with granulator in line, is recommended for fine grinding operations of:

– wood

– plastic

– paper

– cardboard

– waxed sheets

– shells

– packaging

– polythene strips

– plastic film

– PET bottles


COMBI 50/66D-GR500
– power kW 5,5+7,5 / 11 – weight kg. 1600 – output 100/250 kg/h
COMBI 80/80D-GR600 – power kW 7,5+7,5 / 11 – weight kg. 2000 – output 250/500 kg/h
COMBI 100/80D-GR700 – power kW 9+9 / 22 – weight kg. 2700 – output 400/850 kg/h


To make the shredding operation and managing of waste even more economically favorable our company has developed a complete line of accessories.

The objectives that were set were the following:

– “customerization” of the shredding characteristics on the basis of customer requirements

– use of labor during the loading and discharging operations of the grinder reduced to a minimum

– operating friendly recycling operations of waste materials.

K2D cutters for shredding particularly hard materials or if there are nails or small metal parts present. Particularly useful for very rough waste.

Conveyor disks for light materials subject to “rising” over the cutters.

Interchangeable supplementary screen with mesh diameters from 14-18-25-30-35 mm. which set the size of the shredded product.

Hopper for automated loading, suitable for difficult materials (paper, hides, rags) where gradual loading puts the grinding group in the best working conditions.

Automated loading box. Automatic loading system for very long material such as scaleboard or trimmings from various sources.
It is extremely useful for loading and shredding bulky waste.

Trolley cum hopper with automatic tipping. Inexpensive loading system where the specific trolley waste bins are attached directly to the shredder. Each trolley with caster wheels can be stationed in various places in the plant thus facilitating collection and managing of waste materials.

Turning wheel trolley For the automatic collecting and loading of shredders.

Belt loading and transport systems. Conveyor belts of different types for loading and handling of waste before and after shredding.

Screw unloader. Different capacity screws for loading the boxes of shredded product.

Suction and automatic bag-filling. Trolley with suction and bag-filling equipment which can be connected to the shredder to facilitate managing of shredded product.

Briquetting press Compacting machine for paper, wood, rags, hides into small cylinders diam. from 50 to 80 mm. with output between 25 and 175 kg/h according to materials and models.

Refinement group which can operate together with the shredder. Should you require sizing of less than 12 mm., a refiner with an interchangeable grill, is available for the wood sector.

Circular vibrating screen for complete retrieval of packed granulated or powder products (coffee, cocoa, flour, fruit juices, etc).
The shredder allows a fast opening of cartons, packets, etc favouring the discharge of the product that is sieved and recycled.




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