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The impregnating agent is a product that tends to stick and form layers and encrustations, blocking and oxidising the vital parts of machines. For this reason, the careful choice of the right machine makes the customer’s investment a satisfactory and profitable one over the years. We therefore believe we have the right machine for your needs, able to provide:

* Fewer cleaning operations and less maintenance for the user

* The perfect, quick and profitable impregnation of your products

* Low running costs

* Reliability and long-life

* Fast and efficient after-sale service

Our machines are designed and manufactured according to clear and simple principles of functionality, maintenance and reliability, making them one of a kind in terms of new concepts, such as:

* The hood which fully opens to allow fast and thorough cleaning of the internal parts, including by means of a gun that operates by liquid pressure connected to the air circuit of the machine itself.

* Positioning of brushes from the outside without machine down times. A single handwheel positions all the vertical brushes. Another handwheel positions all the horizontal brushes.

* Any workpiece dimensional differences are automatically offset by the machine mechanisms.

* The operating mechanisms are all completely outside the semi-finished product impregnating chamber

* Various solutions for easier setting up of the machine in work and stop condition

* The parts that could jeopardise rotation of the rollers and the brushes that come into contact with the impregnation and washing liquid are made of non-oxidising and non-corroding material such as stainless steel, aluminium, plastic.

* Carrying structure made of electrically welded, extra-strong steel

* Painting is of the anticorrosive type, resistant to solvents

To ensure a perfect uniformity of impregnation and ease of use, our machines are made as follows:

* A front area where the impregnating agent is sprayed

* A series of brushes rotating against the direction of feed movement

* A series of upper and side clamps to ensure perfect feed of the workpieces

* A device for regulating the feeding speed

* A simple and quick brush removal and fitting system

* Two tanks: one for taking and recycling the impregnating agent and another for depositing the brushes under liquid when the machine is not used

* An automatic pump with suction and filtering circuit for putting the impregnating agent not used during the work phase back into circulation

* Very sloped inner machine bottom for quick and effective liquid flow off


* Approx. outer machine dimensions (LxWxH.) 190x130x130 cm.

* Max piece width 30 cm.

* Max piece height 5 cm.

* Min piece length 80 cm.

* Automatic spraying pump: pneumatic

* Feeding by inverter from 10 to 60 m/min.

* Brushes number: 3

* Brush diameter 16 cm.

* Brushes for each side of the beam: 2 above, 1 below

* Motorised rollers diameter 80 mm.: n. 3

* Matchboard fitting blowing system: nr. 2 nozzles per side


* Brush deposit tank

* Loading/unloading roller conveyors

* Other special optional items to specific Customer’s request

Water clarifier for impregnating machine – mod. L.200

Appliance for clarifying the impregnating machine washing drainage water.

* Approx. outer dimensions 220x120x100 cm.

* Complete with tank capacity 200 lts.

* Automatic suction/filling pump: pneumatic

* Water treatment cycle with timed electric mixer

Water clarifier for impregnating machine – mod. Eco Cleaner

Appliance for clarifying the impregnating machine washing drainage water.

* Approx. outer dimensions 145x750xh=230 cm.

* Tank capacity 370 lts.

* Automatic filling pump: pneumatic

* Pump capacity 30 lt./min.

* Lower tank 550 lts.




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