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Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Composite Panels (Alucobond), Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

INDUSTRIAL SAW mod. LT 300 – As per E.C. rules

INDUSTRIAL SAW mod. LT 300 – As per E.C. rules

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INDUSTRIAL SAW mod. LT 300 – As per E.C. rules
The LT300 is the most powerful and productive. Designed for commercial applications, it’s equipped with the greatest cutting head and the quickest hydraulic movement of the whole saw line. During the planning of the LT300 we wanted to create a better alternative to the old circular saws and wide band saws, that would be more efficient in output and productivity. Have realized a band saw that realizes such objectives at a really lower price than the other saws’! A high output and high quality wood are the factors that make your profits increase. The LT300 can make your profits increase reducing requirements of logs and manpower. The saw is controlled by joystick from a separate operator’s station and sophisticated orientation devices, but easy to be used at the same time. From this station the operator controls all log movement functions, fixes board thickness and controls the movements of the cutting head. An air jet removes sawdust from the just cut surface, so giving a perfect view of sawing. Furthermore, the LT300 has a really sole feature: a control system of the cruise speed that automatically adjusts the feeding speed, giving the maximum output.
The optional material handling system of the LT300 (log desks, inclined conveyor and transfer table) makes this saw easy to insert in any type of installation, either new or existing.

The LT300 can produce 8000 c.m. of dimensional wood per year, in an only shift (from 3 to 4 c.m. per hour). Thanks to its narrow saw bands and thin cut, it can get from each log a really greater volume of sawn than what happens with alternative technologies. The 22 kW electric motor    allows to work even greater logs, absorbing only a fraction of the required power for greater saws. That means important savings on energy and maintenance costs.

Furthermore, the LT300 is one of the safest saw on the market at the moment. Unlike circular saws, the blade is widely protected, and operator and conveyors work far from the cutting head.

Operator station
It gives a perfect view during sawing.
They control most of cutting and movement operations.

Orientation devices
They position quickly and precisely the cutting head in the proper depth and allow cutting according to preset models.

Pneumatic blade tension system
Pneumatic system used for blade tensioning that gives a built-in shock absorber.

Toe bords/rolls
They allow log taper for grade sawing, boxed hearts and more.

Chain log turning device
It turns logs easily and quickly in both directions.

Side supports
Hardened vertical side supports, they ensure a perfect reference point for precise square cuts.

Material handling system LT300
The material handling system LT300 is studied in order to optimize the productivity of the LT300 industrial saw. The systems includes a deck, an inclined conveyor and a transfer table. Though the system has been studied on purpose for the LT300, each component of its can be used with other models of saw. These components for material handling are built according to the strictest safety rules in such a way as to guarantee absorption of shocks, deformations and tensions resulting from handling of heavy logs and wood. The individual components work perfectly together, eliminating bottlenecks and making logs and wood move with the minimum effort.

Log deck
Log decks always hold the LT300 busy translating logs to be cut and then loading them in the saw at the proper time. Available in 2 lengthes, these hydraulic 2-cable decks are controlled from the operator’s station. Logs are brought forward by an electric motor. The deck is equipped with a stop/loader to ensure loading in the saw of an only log per time. Logs can be loaded from both sides.

Inclined conveyor
The inclined conveyor of the LT300 works in tandem with the integral board removal system. When  the board is extracted from cutting position, the conveyor gets and takes it off the saw. It’s efficient and advantagious, and eliminates the need of extra staff. The conveyor easily removes slabs, flitches and boards and, like log decks, it’s controlled by the operator.

Transfer table
Engineers have found an ingenious system to get boards off the saw, at the same time reducing more and more the required manpower. The transfer table makes its work using the gravity force. Once the material moves on the transfer table, the operator can hit the cut piece making it fall down sideways (on another conveyor or in the storage area), or can leave boards be brought automatically on a roll table, where it’s stopped and held. The transfer board can be made for right or left use.

Technical data

Total dimensions
Length – without control station: mt. 7,3
Length – table and control station distanced of 25 cm.: mt. 8,8
Width mt. 2,9
Height (from the ground to top of shaft) mt. 2,6
Height (max. head position) mt. 2,7
Table height (from the ground to the table) cm. 79
Table and head group kg. 2375
Control station (with cabin and air-conditioning) kg. 962
Control station (without cabin) kg. 472
Complete saw (head, table, control station, cabin with air-conditioning) kg. 3357
Cutting capacities
Length mt. 6,5
Length with removed board mt. 6,3
Diameter cm. 91
Max. width of the clamping device cm. 66
Min. width of the clamping device cm. 5
Max. width of the throat (from a guide to the other) cm. 71
Max. width of the prism cm. 64
Max. cutting depth at 61 cm  wide: cm. 13
Max. cutting depth at 56 cm wide: cm. 33
Brand: Indukta
Power kW 22
Power requirements: 3 x 380 V x 420 V – 100 Amp – 50 Hz

Additional information

Weight 3357,0000 kg


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