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Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Composite Panels (Alucobond), Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

LOG SAW Mod. LX50 – As per E.C. rules

LOG SAW Mod. LX50 – As per E.C. rules

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LOG SAW Mod. LX50 – As per E.C. rules

LX50 is the cheapest double-track log saw in the LX family. This log saw combines the world-famous  construction quality of Wood-Mizer and cutting precision at a super eco-friendly price.

The thin-cutting technology used in LX50 is the most environmentally friendly way to cut timber and offers a very high yield. The use of blades up to 1,07 mm requires a minimum motor power to cut all types of wood. Electricity and petrol consumption is minimum.

The double frame is very stable, which ensures the acquisition of the maximum cutting precision. The cutting quality is a high as in any other Wood-Mizer saws. You will be able to cut wood for your needs and for sale. The throat dimensions of the LX50 will allow you to produce a wide range of products, with a maximum width of 40 cm.

The manual lubrication system, 2 Widia plates and blade guide bearings keep the blade, flywheels and blade guide rollers clean from sawdust and debris. In combination with the manual blade guide arm and the tension system, any extra vibrations of the blade are eliminated, always ensuring a precise cut.

Connecting the LX50 to as sawdust outlet will make easier the workplace tidy and safe. The standard 4″ sawdust outlet is compatible with most sawdust collection systems.

The LX50 cuts logs up to 66 cm in diameter and 3,8 m in length with the standard track. To cut longer logs,  you can add an extension rail to increase the cutting length. 1,53 m rails are available, they can be bought as additional accessories. The 14 HP Kohler motor is very efficient for outdoor work and does not produce much noise and fumes. The 3-phase 5 kW electric motor achieves maximum productivity and is ideal for working in a small carpentry shop.

The log saw is shipped on a small pallet (160 x 65 x 100 cm). Easy-to-follow videos and machine use and maintenance manual will allow you to start cutting quickly and easily.

The cutting height is regulated by a crank.

The gasoline motor or electric motor combined with the thin-cutting blades make cutting on LX50 simple and efficient. The log saw cuts logs effortlessly.

The LX50 is manufactured in the UE and comes with a standard 2-year warranty.

We provide soft and hard wood blades that will cover all your needs. Sharpening service, spare parts and blades are available from your local dealer.


Power: 5.5 kW Electric / 14 HP Gasoline

Diam. 66 cm.
Max. cutting width 55 cm.
Max. prism width 40 cm.
Max. cutting depth 19 cm.

Shear meter N/A
Head high/low: crank
Head forward/backward: manual
Blade guide arm: manual
Blade lubrication system: manual valve
Blade tensioner system: screw with indicator
Cutting engraver: N/A
Diam. of the sawdust collecting door: 101.6 mm (4”)
Additional options N/A

Length 3340 mm.
Width 32 mm.
Thickness 0.9 mm / 1.00 mm / 1.07 mm

Wheel diam. 400 mm.
Type: belts
Material: cast iron

Track construction: double track
Angled tracks: N/A
Track extension: sections of additional tracks: 1.53 m
Trailer package: N/A
Bed features: adjustable legs

Manual: S3 track (3 segments of 1.53 m each): 2 side brackets, 2 manual log clamps
STANDARD Hydraulic: N/A
SUPER Hydraulic: N/A

Frame construction: frame
Energy consumption requirements: 3 Phases, 400 V. 50 Hz / 10.5 A (5.5 kW)
Standard: E.C.

  • Extension track 1,53 m. (it includes 1 log clamp, 1 side bracket)
  • Extension track 1,53 m.
  • Manual clamp (1 pc.) + Side brackets (1 pc.) set
  • Wedge
  • Manual log-turning
  • Loading ramp
  • DoubleHard blades (1.07 mm x 32 mm x 3360 mm – profile 10/30)

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