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Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Composite Panels (Alucobond), Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.



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The LT40 series machines, many thousands of which are working, are the authentic “pack-animal” of our range of band saws, particularly addressed to the mobile operator who earns his living concentrating on sawing on behalf of a 3rd party. The series LT40, like all bandsaws of ours, can be used in fixed applications and many customers of ours in the central and oriental Europe use them to work on shifts, using then for tens of thousands of hours.
With a large range of motor options, log movements and controls, we can personalize a band saw for your precise needs.
The LT40 series saws are used above all by single entrepreneurs and private firms whose income source is sawing.

Hydraulic pump 12 Volt, tank and control board
: assembled on the front side of the saw. All flexible pipes are assembled inside the main pipe of the table (the 2nd motor is not required).
Centralized cutting controls: located on the central console.
It includes head movement and extension/retracting of the guide of blades.
Options: simple orienting devices, “Accuset”, “AutoClutch”, “LubeM”, barkpeeler and “LaserSight”.
Lateral log supports: remote lifting and lowering through the control board.
Overhanging cutting head: it ensures quick installation, easy levelling and precise cuts.
Adjustable support frames: precision adjustment rods are normally supplied on mobile saws, allowing an easy and precise installation that guarantees an accurate cut.
Removable fuel tank and water container for blades: they can be lowered to approach the saw easily.
Towing kit: it includes adjustable rods as standard with specifications justsuitable for towing.
Great capacity groove: it allows to cut up to 71 cm. wide.
Inox steel table clamps: they protect the saw table from wear, preventing the hartwood is spotted.
Blade guides with roll locking: they ensure blade stability and precision. besides increasing the working sharpening duration of blades.
Power feeding unit in solid state: it operates the carriage at any speed up to 36 m/min. and take the carriage back at 48 m/min.

Hydraulic roll containing edges

The extra-large roll containing edges compensate the log tapering and allow an easy log positioning.
Log loading
It’s possible to load logs in a few seconds, simply actionning a lever. Each arm has a self-levelling cylinder for heavy works.
Hydraulic log-turning device
To turn a log or a prism for the successive cut is a children’s game. It’s enough to action a lever on the control board.
Log hydraulic clamping
Special double table clamping system that simplifies to saw logs. You can make closer cuts as well as cuts at 2,5 cm. from the table.

Standard manual containing edges

Assembled on the front and back traverses of the bandsaw, the containing edges allow to lift one of 2 ends of a tapered log using the winch.
Log turning device
This simple accessory – when it’s used with the manual winch – allows a single operator to turn logs with relatively great diameter.
Manual hydraulic pump
The manual hydraulic pump allows the operator load logs on the table by himself.
Manual hydraulic loading arms

Max. log capacity
– diam. 90 cm. x 5 m.
– diam. 90 cm. x 6,3 m. (Accessories)
– diam. 90 cm. x 8,6 m. (Accessories)
Log movement: manual
Log movement: hydraulic (Accessories)
Feeding (Accessories):
– 11 kW Electric
– 15 kW Electric
– 18,5 kW Electric
– 28 HP Diesel
– 38 HP Diesel

– 10 standard cutting blades
– Blade sharpening machine complete with blade setting device and diamond wheel
– Track: cutting length 6,3 m.l.
– Track: cutting length 8,6 m.l.
– Manual hydraulic loader
– With road homologatable tow carriage 2,2 T.
– Manual winch log-turning device
– Cutting engraver
– Computerized cutting measurer
– Diesel motor 33 HP Kubota
– Diesel motor 42 HP Kubota
– Electric motor 20 HP (15 kW)
– Electric motor 25 HP (18,5 kW)
– Totally hydraulic log movement
– Driving seat

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