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Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Composite Panels (Alucobond), Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.



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Many years ago Wood-Mizer pioneered the use of our patented narrow band technology for the processing of small logs into pallet wood, battens and boards.
The profitable conversion of small logs depends on several key factors

Low initial capital cost
Proven cutting technology does not require massive construction or cast iron components. Narrow band technology allows us to save on manufacturing costs that are not directly relate to the cutting process.

Low installation costs
Equipment does not require expenditure on expensive foundations – money spent, that has no future return.
In many cases it costs almost as much to remove expensive concrete foundations, as it does to make them in the first place. A level concrete floor is preferable, but our sawmilling lines can be installed on almost any firm surface.

In the fast pace of the modern world you need to be able to respond quickly to the changing pressures of market demand and raw material supply. Our small log processing equipment has been designed to be modular and flexible.
– You can run off a generator and therefore operate away from conventional power sources.
– You can change geographical location easily to ensure that you are always where the action is, and to minimise expensive road haulage of small logs.
– You can change the sawmill layout quickly and easily to adapt to different product requirements.

Sawn recovery
It is difficult to get high sawn recovery from small logs. The use of our narrow band blades allows you
to squeeze every last board and batten out of a small log, thus reducing your raw material costs to a minimum.

Low energy costs
The efficiency of our engineered construction, coupled with the thin-kerf, high performance blades, allows us to use lower horsepower motors without compromising cutting performance.

Material handling
Efficient material handling is crucial to maximize productivity and minimize labour costs. We offer a range of material handling options from log decks to cross transfer decks that will enable you to strike the best balance between labour costs and capital costs.

Careful design and robust construction using durable components are the key to a long and trouble-free production life.
Many of our very first sawmills, built over 25 years ago, are still operating in the field.

Material handling equipment

Log ramp
Designed to make loading the log deck with a forklift easier and more efficient.
It also increases log capacity on the deck, thus minimising loading runs.

Log deck
To keep your small log line supplied with timber, you need a strong and
robust log infeed system.  Our log decks have been designed to withstand the
rigours of the forestry industry.  Massively constructed, our log decks will
give years of service in a very demanding environment.
Powerful motor and gearbox ensure durability
  –  Heavy Duty link
  –  200 x 100 main support tubes

Inclined log deck
The Inclined log deck has been
designed to bring the logs up to the operator station in a controlled manner,
allowing the operator to concentrate on log alignment and continuous feeding
into the TVS.
 –   Dogged link chain to help separate logs.
Trip switch Ensures that the next log is always to hand

Cross transfer deck
We understand that every sawmill is different.
That is why we have
made our transfer deck modular.der a drive end module and an idle end module and
then as many extension modules as you require for your layout. Increase or
decrease the length of the conveyor, or the height/slope of the conveyor to suit
your needs. As with our log decks, they are massively constructed to cope with
the demands of the sawmilling environment.
  High quality chain
   –  Rugged motor and gearbox
–  Heavy duty construction

TVS – Twin vertical saw
The TVS uses the same cutting technology as our top end sawmills. With 600 mm
belted wheels and a 4.67 m blade length, blade life, sharp life and accuracy are
maximised. The tilted head is unique and has been carefully
designed to maximise blade life while still allowing easy slab removal onto a
cross transfer deck so that you can minimise labour costs.
The heads have
been designed to allow easy access to all regular alignment and maintenance
areas and also to facilitate changing blade speed to suit the species being cut.
11 kW motors are standard, providing the right balance between cutting
performance and energy cost.
Many hundreds of hours of production
environment testing in sawmills local.

Log Infeed/Outfeed

We know that there are many different requirements for log infeed handling.
We have a selection of log infeed and outfeed methods to suit your particular
   •  Dogged chain feed with angular log guide
Lugs every 56 cm. – Dogs every 3 lugs as standard
   •  Easy removal and
insertion to suit log length

Technical data
– Main motor 2×11 kW
– Feed motor 1,1 kW
– Feed speed adjustment 0-25 mt/min.
– Blades: length mt. 4,67 / width mm. 32-50
– min. log diam. mm. 100
– max. log diam. mm. 400
– min. log length mt. 0,9
– max. log length mt. 3,6
– min. cutting width mm. 70
– max. cutting width mm. 250

SVS – Single Vertical Saw
In any production plant, the more that the individual components share the
same technology and parts, the less cost is involved in blade and parts stocks.
The SVS shares the same head as the TVS, with all the same benefits. With a
simple, but effective infeed system the SVS will make light work of splitting or
removing the third side from the two sided cant coming from the TVS. A laser
(fitted as standard) helps the operator to position the cant to gain maximum
recovery. The SVS can also be used to take one side off a slab, which can then
be passed efficiently through our horizontal resaws (either HR or MultiHead) to
recover as many side boards as possible from the slabs.
Technical data
– Main motor 11 kW
– Feed motor 1,1 kW
– Feed speed adjustment 0-25 mt/min.
– Blades: length mt. 4,67 / width mm. 32-50
Cutting capacities
– min. material length mt. 0,9
– max. material length mt. 3,6
– min. material height mm. 10
– max. material height mm. 300
– max. material width mm. 400
– min. material width mm. 80

HR – Horizontal Resaw
The horizontal resaw is already a well proven resaw in use in many countries
throughout the world. Ideal for resawing slabs or cants, it is an essential part
of your small log processing line. Now, you can install additional heads,
increasing the productivity of the HR.
Technical data
– Main motor 11 kW

– Feed speed adjustment 0-20 mt/min.

– Blades: length mt. 4,01 / width mm. 32-50
Cutting capacities
– min. cant length mt. 0,9
– max. cant length mt. 3,6
– min. cant height mm. 10
– max. cant height mm. 300
– max. cutting width mm. 200
– min. cutting width mm. 4

EE20 – Edger multirip
The EE20 is an ideal companion to the rest of the SLP line. Using its Multi-Rip
capability you can easily preset up to three standard widths allowing the
operator to edge the slabs (or boards) to the correct width for maximum sawn
timber recovery without the tedious business of constantly changing dimensions.
The generous infeed capacities will cope with most needs.
Technical data
– Minimum board length mm. 700
– Minimum cutting width for the board: Multirip mm. 20 / Edger mm. 60
– Maximum edging width mm. 430
– Machine height mm. 1248
– Machine width mm. 1627
– Machine length (installed) mm. 4894
– Machine weight kg. 988
– Infeed / Outfeed table (modular) mm. 1806
– Nr. of driven bottom rollers: 4
– Nr. of hold-down rollers: 2
– Electric motor 15 kW / 18,5 kW
– Feed speed 0-25 mt./min.
– Blade size mm.350 / 76 / 18 teeth
– Maximum Nr. of blades: 5

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