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Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Composite Panels (Alucobond), Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.



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MULTI-BLADE PANEL SAW mod. MLS 80 – As per E.C. rules

The Multi-blade Panel Saw has been devised for executing cuts and multiple grooves on boards, also with veneered surfaces and coated with various materials.

It is a machine with an high efficiency, which is used with excellent results for the production of prefinished parquet, walls and ceilings, doors for furniture, strips for profiles, staves for beds, MDF frames and so on.

It is realized in various powers and with working width capacity of 80, 130, 160, 190, 250 o 310 cm, the MLS can be supplied with special equipment, according to the production requirements of the customer, and also in the version TR, for transversal grooves and cuts.

The machine features a precise and compact tubular steel structure, which gives to the unit an high sturdiness and, moreover, it is equipped with:

– regulation system of the cutting and grooving depth, without changing the working table height with respect at the floor

– feeding group of the workpieces through rollers, with opening by a pneumatic cylinder for permitting the tools change on the spindle

– electronic adjustment of the advancement speed

– regulation system of the passage opening among the rollers of the advancement group, according to the panels thickness

– safety system for panels thickness control

– tool-holder spindle of hardened and ground steel, with anti-rotation locking, so to make easier the tools change operations; it is supported at one extremity by a double fixed support and at the other one by a sliding support, which can be removed for the setting / disassembling of the tools

– interchangeable working table, which assures the perfect execution of the cut without vibrations

– movable and conveying pressure wheels over the spindle, for keeping the workpiece pressed against the working table, during the cutting phase

– suction hoods, for permitting an easier evacuation of the chip from the cutting area


– Spindle motorization from 11 to 22 kW

– Toolholder spindle dimensions diam. 60 x 810 mm.

– Rotation speed 4500 r.p.m.

– Feeding speed from 3 to 45 m/min.

– Working table height 1120 mm.

– Max. tool diameter 230 mm.

– Projection of the tools from the working table: adjustable from 32 to 52 mm. with tools diam. 230 mm max.

– Projection of the tools without the working table: adjustable from 42 to 62 mm. with tools diam. 230 mm max.

– Max. milling depth 12 mm. with mills diam. 150 mm.

– Max. workpiece width 800 mm.

– Min. workpiece length 380 mm.

– Max. workpiece thickness 50 mm.

– Machine dimensions 1520×1270 x1500=h mm.

– Machine weight: about 900 Kg.


– version TR
: with feeding group through shutters, for transversal multiple grooving and cutting (i.e. for parquet strips)

– version P: with more powerful motor, spindle with 2 tangs and further central support with automatic locking, for harder workings

– version L: with shorter distance between the rollers, for cutting short pieces

– version r: with radial feeding group, for cutting bent panels (staves for beds)

– version 2R: with side fences passing between the rollers, for guiding the workpieces when they are already trimmed on size (i.e. for doors for kitchen furniture)

– version 2rr: with side fences passing between the rollers not interfering on the tools, for guiding pieces to be milled in several passages (min. workpieces thickness 6 mm.)

– version 2rr+2cv: with a pair of ejector rollers, a pair of side fences not interfering on the tools and a pair of vertical motors for joints (i.e. for panels for walls and ceilings)

– further central support with automatic blocking (p)

– a pair of ejector rollers at output of the pieces, for eventual automatic stacker

input table with adjustable fences, for manual loading of the short workpieces

– output table, for manual unloading of the short worked pieces

– pushing wheel on side fence

– pressure wheel with groove, for the production of strips of width inferior to 45 mm.

– double row of pressure wheels (pd), for cutting short pieces

– pressure roller over the spindle, with copy function

– special drive system, for panels with out-of-tolerance thickness

alignment device of the workpieces through tracer laser ray

– motorized opening of the workpieces passage of the advancement group, according to the panels thickness

Accessories and tools:

– spacer rings: for spacing the tools to be set up on the spindle

MUR: revolving tools magazine, for those who must often change the distance between the grooves or the cuts to be obtained

The Revolving Tools Magazine is an attachment for the MLS Multi-rip Saws, which is useful for the reduction of the unproductive times that usually it takes during the change of the tools.

This attachment permits to have up to four groups of spacer rings and saw-blades always ready to be set up on the spindle of the machine, as they can be arranged and cleaned while the MLS is working.

The dimensions and characteristics of the MUR changes according to the model of MLS to which it is coupled, but, substantially, it is composed by:

– basement assembled on a hand pallet truck, in order to make easier its handling

– adjustable feet and references to be fixed to the ground, for aligning correctly the MUR to the machine

– regulation system of the sleeve height from the ground in correspondence with the spindle axis of the MLS

– revolving group formed by a frame, on which there positioned the sleeves, which is manually adjustable through a handwheel

– chromed steel sleeves, with telescopic translation and rotation on sliding bushes, locking through screw handwheel and plug on the extremity, so to contain the tools during the moving of the revolving group

– integral safety guards of transparent Policarbonate with hinged opening


Version P
: the sleeves are equipped with tangs and the MUR is equipped with 3 sets of central supports like that one on the MLS.

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Weight 900,0000 kg


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