DRY PAINTING BOOTH mod. BIG SILVER 3 – As per E.C. rules – mm. 3000×4150

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DRY PAINTING BOOTH mod. BIG SILVER 3 – As per E.C. rules – mm. 3000×3250

This type of painting booth is suitable for suctioning and demolishing the
pigments and fumes emitted from paint spray made with synthetic, organic or water solvents.
The main feature of these cabins is the use of a centrifugal aspirator, that gives rise to suction pressure and compels the polluted air to cross the filtering system:
Level 1: Inertial carton filter – Level 2: “Paint-Stop” filter.
The drawers with “Paint-stop” filter, realized in plied and perforated zinc plated sheet, filled with highly resistent fiber glass with progressive density, have very low loading losses and, consequently, don’t need high powers, thus assuring a considerable energetic saving.
Furthermore, the cabin is equipped with dust collecting drawers that greatly reduce cleaning and maintenance times and extend filter duration. The filtering system, realized as it is, allows a high dust accumulation, and can considerably reduce noxious emissions in the atmosphere, under limit values.
It’s used to paint high elements.
The painting booth is modular and this allows to reduce drastically buy and maintenance costs and, for its rationality, allows an easy installation, accessible to anyone.
Furthermore, the modular construction has allowed to minimize transport overall dimensions.

Technical features

– working width mm. 3000
– total width mm. 3450
– working depth mm. 830
– depth mm. 1500
– working height mm. 2360
– total height mm. 4100
– development of inertial carton filters m² 3,6
– development of “Paint-stop” filters m² 1,3
– quantity of ceiling lamps: Nr. 2 x 58 Wt
– exhaust fan 4 kW
– nominal air capacity 15000 m³/h

Standard equipment
– Antispark centrifugal aspirator
– Inertial cardboard frontal filters
– Metallic drawers with “Paint Stop” filters
– Dust collecting drawers
– IP55 Wired electrical panel
– IP55 Wired ceiling light
– Emergency pushbutton
– Timer
– Change section
– Presetting for active carbons
– Presetting for pressurization

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