DRY PAINTING BOOTH mod. BIG SILVER 6 – mm. 6000×4150 – As per E.C. rules

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DRY PAINTING BOOTH mod. BIG SILVER 6 – mm. 6000×4150 – As per E.C. rules

The Big Silver paint booth is suitable for suctioning and abatement of pigments and fumes emitted by spray painting performed with synthetic, organic or water solvents. The removal of pigments and fumes is carried out with a suction wall in inertial cardboard and a second filtration with drawers with filter “Paint Stop”.
Big Silver is used for painting bulky elements in height. The cabin is made of galvanized sheet metal modular panels.
The cardboard filter uses the principle of inertial separation. The air flow load of the particles to be eliminated, undergoes many and continuous changes of direction. By inertia the paint particles, which are heavier than air, are deposited in the filter containment bags, which will be saturated only when these bags are completely full of paint. Inertial filters have self-cleaning openings that allow the passage of large volumes of air with little loss of load and to regulate the air flow.
The “Paint-stop” filter is made from long fibers of glass, applied with synthetic resins and distributed with progressive density in the direction of air flow. It has good temperature resistance and high dust storage capacity, it is particularly suitable for collecting excess paint (over-spray). It is used in metal frames.
The synthetic filter is used for dust filtration, consisting of thermo-reticulated polyester fibres, has a high dust retention capacity with low loss of load. They are non-toxic, resistant to microorganisms and chemicals.

Technical features

– working width mm. 6000
– total width mm. 6450
– total height mm. 4150
– development of inertial carton filters m² 3,6
– development of “Paint-stop” filters m² 1,3
– quantity of ceiling lamps: Nr. 6 x 58 Wt
– exhaust fan 4+4 kW
– nominal air capacity 30000 m³/h

Standard equipment
– Antispark centrifugal aspirator
– Inertial cardboard frontal filters
– Metallic drawers with “Paint Stop” filters
– Dust collecting drawers
– IP55 Wired electrical panel
– IP65 Wired ceiling light
– Emergency pushbutton
– Timer
– Change section
– Presetting for active carbons
– Presetting for pressurization

Weight 1100 kg



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