MUD SEPARATOR mod. DEF 1 – As per E.C. rules

 8.143,08 (Vat Excluded)


MUD SEPARATOR mod. DEF 1 – As per E.C. rules
The water treatment process is based on the chemical principle of the flocculazione – progressive enlargement of the particles in the soluzione till the  fino separation, against the presence of a proper reagent (flocculating additive).
The installation is equipped with an independent pump that is introduced in the tank of the cabin, the waters to be filtered are trasnported by the same in the separation tank. Inside the reagent will have to add and in the same moment the agitation system will have to come into operation. Mud will be transported into a proper polypropylene container that filters even the possible water remained in muds.

– tank capacity lt. 1000
– connections per bag: nr. 1
– length mm. 1840
– width mm. 1350
– height mm. 3180
– compressed air min. pressure bar 3
– pump power kW 0,55
– weight kg. 250

– Support structure
– Tank for the water to be treated
– Valve with connection to drainage bag
– Collecting tank of clean water
– Compressed air water agitator
– Immersion water pump
– Water level probe
– IP55 wire4d electric panel
– Drainage bag (2 pcs)
– Ladder with safety gallery


Weight 250.0000 kg



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