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BEAM SANDING MACHINE mod. KIOWA/400-S – As per E.C. rules

Sanding machine for wooden elements such as beams and planks, with sanding head from below.

Features of the beam sanding machines:

* Big quality jump for your products

* Fine finish for your beams

* Automatic sanding machine for wooden elements

* Oscillating belt sanding head

* Self-levelling upper slide

The machine operates as follows:

The pieces are rested on the idle roller conveyor at infeed and fed to the sanding machine. A photocell detects piece infeed and commands lowering of the upper slide which, by resting on the beam, triggers feed movement. In the part underneath, the sanding head machines the lower surface of the beam.

At the end of the machining operation, the upper slide elevates, the lower pneumatic pad depressurises and returns from the upper row of rollers.

The machine can work both forwards and backwards. In fact by introducing the piece from the side of the machine from which it exited, the system recognises it and starts the belts and feed with correct direction of rotation. This automatism considerably speeds up machining times.

The machine is designed as follows:

* Carrying structure in well-sized electrically welded steel consisting of extra-strong tubular structural sections

* Casing screwed onto structure with two doors, one rear and one front, featuring large window for looking inside during machining

* Upper structure featuring vertical stroke slide complete with large-size rubber covered clamp rollers

* Lower sanding head positioned on the roller conveyor of the bench fastened to piece support rollers, with fine adjustment of the sanding level with that of the rollers.

* Sanding head with double grooved roller with possibility of working forwards and backwards

* Swinging sanding belt with electropneumatic device for controlling oscillation stroke and times

* Self-adapting pneumatic sanding pad on beam surface so as to absorb small dimensional or geometric difference of the sanding surface. Pneumatic pressure adjustable for greater or smaller work incidence (optional)


– Overall dimensions of the machine (L.xW.xH.) 130x140x210 cm.

– Max piece width 40 cm.

– Max piece height 40 cm.

– Min piece thickness 1 cm.

– Min piece length 80 cm.

– Motor power 15 HP

– Piece feed 14 mt/min.

– Upper head positioning: Self-levelling

– Sanding pad: adjustable

– Belt rotation speed: Frequency drive

– Weight 1600 Kg.

– Diameter belt rollers 120 mm.

– Belt size 420×2000 mm.

– Forward and reverse option: Standard


– Frequency drive for feed speed + PLC for cycle and time control

– Pneumatic pad engagement by photoelectric cells

– Work dimensions 45×45 cm.

Weight 999.9900 kg



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