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 electronic control with 7″ colour monitor, in 16/9 format for the management of all functionalities of the machine in a simple and intuitive way.
PERFECT STRAIGHTENING. Utilization of the shaving milling cutter on the lower planing shaft
Efficacious and linear POWERFUL DRAFT, assured by a box of gears and Cardan joints associated to the pneumatic pressure on feeding rolls.

Min. working width (finished section) mm 25 (15 opz.)
Max. working width (finished section) mm 230
Min. working height (finished section) mm 6
Max. working height (finished section) mm 120mm
Min. length of single piece comp.4 mm 450 (430 opt.)
Min. length of single piece comp.5 mm 630 (420 opt.)
Variable feeding speed by inverter m/min 5 ÷ 25
Feeding motor power kW (HP) 3 (4)
Planer shaft motor power kW (HP) 4 (5,5)
Vertical shaft motor power (one) kW (HP) 5,5 (7,5)
Upper horizontal shaft motor power kW (HP) 4 (5,5)
Lower horizontal shaft motor power-Comp.5 kW (HP) 4 (5,5 )
Universal shaft motor power – optional kW (HP) 4 (5,5)
Shaft rotation speed r.p.m. 6.000
Tool-holder shaft diam. mm 40
Vertical shaft length mm 140
Horizontal shaft length mm 250
Universal shaft length – opt. mm 240
Axial adjustment of vertical shafts as to the table mm 40
Axial adjustment of horizontal shafts as to the right guide mm 40
Min./max. diam. of tool of surface planer mm 120 – 140
Min./max. diam. of tool of vertical shafts  mm 100 – 180 max profiling capacity of vertical shafts mm 40
Min./max. diam. of tool of the upper horizontal shaft mm 125 (100-180 opt.)
Min./max. diam. of tool of the 2nd lower horizontal shaft mm 100 – 180
Profiling capacity with tool 180mm 2nd lower vertical shaft mm 15
Min./max. diam. of universal shaft – opt. mm 100 – 180
Feeding roll diam. mm 140
Inlet table length mm 2.000
Quick adjustment of table and inlet guide mm 10
N°2 feeding rolls 140x25mm per each draft hub STD
Manual pump for table lubrication STD
Manual centralized lubrication STD

Very thick steel base with ribbed structure and load bearing tubular base.
Tubular steel inlet table equipped with vertical adjustment through parallelogram system.
Cast iron worktables with low coefficient of friction and high wear resistance, equipped with mobile inserts at vertical shafts.
Inlet right guide that can be adjusted transversally through parallelogram system and equipped with pre-straightening by shaving milling cutter (tool ex cluded) at the planer shaft.
Right guides that can be easily adjusted to be put in the most correct position as to the used tools.
Cast iron chuck-holder cylinder diam. 100 mm with a pair of radial bearings diam. 85 mm. Centers between bearings.
Piece feeding system 
The traverse supporting the feeding system is made by a ribbed tubular structure, equipped with manual or automatic vertical motion through numerical control combined with the upper horizontal shaft.
The feeding speed is adjustable in continuous by inverter. Motion transmission to wheels happens through Cardan joints and gear boxes.
An idle roll on the outlet table improves feeding in special workings.
Steel shafts and feeding wheels with hardened surface with standard pneumatic pressure.
“SETUP” quick adjustment system
It’s an exclusive SCM patented system that allows great simplicity and quickness of setup in all cases of tool replacement.
The vertical right and left shafts (on request for the upper horizontal one) are equipped with the “SETUP” quick adjustment device that allows to adjust the machine in one movement.
In fact, setting up the minimum diameter of the tool (in the case of the upper horizontal shaft), simultaneously tool, working height, front/back pressers and feeding rolls are adjusted.
Working unit positionig 
All adjustments of working units are controlled on the front of the machine by mechanical readout with decimal precision of the working section.
All controls are on the front of the machine at an optimal height for an easy access and use.
The integrated protection cabin allows los values of acoustic emission and dust, assuring at the same time a great view of the interior of the machine.


Variable feeding speed 5÷25 m/min through inverter
Pneumatic pressure for feeding wheels 
Feeding group before surface planer


11.12.29 Version 220 Volt

97.00.12 Automatic star/delta starting for motor with power 4 kW (5,5 HP) e 5,5 kW (7,5 HP)

11.12.23 Uprated powers – comp. 5
planer shaft 5,5 kW (7,5 HP);
right/left vertical 11 kW (15 HP);
upper horizontal 7,5 kW (10 HP);
lower horizontal 5,5 kW (7,5 HP)

11.12.24 Uprated powers – comp. 4
planer shaft 5,5 kW (7,5 HP);
right/left vertical 11 kW (15 HP);
upper horizontal 7,5 kW (10 HP);

11.12.25 Uprated powers – comp. 5
planer shaft 5,5 kW (7,5 HP);
right/left vertical 11 kW (15 HP);
upper horizontal 7,5 kW (10 HP);
lower horizontal 5,5 kW (7,5 HP)

11.12.27 Uprated powers – comp. 4
vertical right/left shaft 7,5 kW (10 HP);
upper horizontal shaft 5,5 kW (7,5 HP)

11.12.28 Uprated power of the univerfsal shaft  7,5 kW (10 HP) instead of 4 kW (5,5 HP)

90.10.48 Kit to allow upper profiling
– min./max. tool diam. 100÷180 mm
– axial stroke 40 mm
– N° 2 mechanical detectors with decimal precision

88.08.35 T-SET tool quick fastening – It allows tool fastening and un fastening simply using a compressed air gun.

32.14.00 2nd flanged feeding wheel in front of the vertical left shaft, wheel 20 mm wide. It allows the reduction of the draft distance from 450 mm to 430 mm in the comp. 4.

23.15.83 Feeding group – Composition 5 after the upper horizontal shaft. It allows  the reduction of the draft distance from 630 mm to 450 mm. When foreseen, flanged feeding wheel before the left shaft (code 32.14.00) the distance between centers happens 420 mm.

23.15.84 Tandem feeding group before the universal shaft – N.W. Foresee the universal shaft

31.13.15 Vertical presser with idle wheel in front of the right shaft 

31.13.16 Vertical presser with idle wheel in front of the left shaft

32.14.04 Kit of additional flanged feeding wheels to be foreseen in front of the vertical left shaft
– N° 2 steel feeding wheels 20 mm
– N° 2 spacer rings 40 mm

32.16.00 Additional steel feeding wheel 140×25 mm – each one

32.16.07 Additional steel flanged feeding wheel 140×20 mm – each one

32.16.08 Additional rubber-coated feeding wheel  140×25 mm- each one

32.16.09 Additional rubber-coated flanged feeding wheel 140×20 mm – each one

29.13.99 Inlet table 2500 mm

88.06.34 Additional table with rexilon inserts in corrispondence of the last lower horizontal shaft for profiling or cut with blademore than 15 mm
– max tool diam. 180 mm
– profiling capacity 40 mm

19.14.28 Kit for the min. working width from 25 mm to 15 mm
– min. tool diam. on the left vertical shaft125 mm

90.10.33 Universal shaft group 
– shaft L=240×40 mm
– rotation speed 6000 r.p.m.
– motor power 4 kW (5,5 HP)
– min/max tool diam. 100-180 mm
– outlet table with N°1 thickness
– N°2 idle pressers
– N°3 mechanical decimal precision detectors 

31.13.17 Front and back pressers to be foreseen on the casing of the universal shaft to work like upper horizontal shaft  

65.10.29 Kit of planers and shaving milling cutter for light workings – It includes:
– shaving milling cutter diam. 150x40x12 mm Z=2
– N° 2 planers for horizontal shafts diam. 125x235x40 mm Z=4
– N° 2 planers for vertical shafts diam. 125x135x40 mm Z=4

65.10.31 Kit of planers and shaving milling cutter for heavy workings – It includes:
– shaving milling cutter 
145x40x12mm Z=4
– N° 2 planers for horizontal shafts diam. 125x230x40mm Z=4
– N° 2 planers for vertical shafts diam. 125x130x40mm Z=4

96.14.73 Preset 25: gauge for measuring tool diam.: centesimal precision

50.02.40 European safety rules (E.C. brand) – N.W. Foresee motor brakes 

27.12.53 Brake for N°3 motors – comp. 4

27.12.54 Brake for N°4 motors – comp. 5

27.12.49 Brake for universal shaft – N.W. Foresee the universal shaft

08.70.86 Seaworthy case 2.000 mm (for versions without “Universal shaft group”)
N.W.not available with “Inlet table 2500 mm”
– not available with “Universal shaft group”

08.71.19 Seaworthy case 2.000 mm ((for versions with “Universal shaft group”
N.W.available with “Inlet table 2500 mm”
– available with “Universal shaft group”

08.71.25 Seaworthy case 2.500 mm (for versions without “Universal shaft group”)
N.W. – available only with “Inlet table 2500 mm”
– not available with “Universal shaft group”

08.71.26 Seaworthy case 2.500 mm (for versions with “Universal shaft group”)
N.W.available with “Inlet table 2500 mm”
– available with “Universal shaft group”

08.44.46 Pallet (for versions without “Universal shaft group”) – N.W. not available with “Universal shaft group”

08.71.27 Pallet (for versions with “Universal shaft group”) – N.W. available with “Universal shaft group”


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