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Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Composite Panels (Alucobond), Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

Machines for WoodWorking, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Polystyrene, Alucobond, Recycling, etc.

UNIVERSAL COMBINED MACHINE SCM GROUP Mod. MiniMax CU 410ES mm. 410 – As per E.C. Rules

UNIVERSAL COMBINED MACHINE SCM GROUP Mod. MiniMax CU 410ES mm. 410 – As per E.C. Rules

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UNIVERSAL COMBINED MACHINE SCM GROUP Mod.  MiniMax CU410-ES mm. 410 – As per E.C. Rules
With 3 self-braking motors equipped with dynamic blade protection and devices in conformity with the European safety rules.

Extruded carriage, available in the sizes of mm. 2200/2600/3200 on request (in “Accessories”). Either the carriage or the guides are anodized aluminium.
The sliding system of the carriage through hardened, rectified prismatic guides allows to obtain precision and rectilinear cut. The precision is guaranteed over the time thanks to the exclusive assembling system.
Glue isn’t used for fixing guides, because its thickness could affect the sliding. They are locked through a riveting process of the aluminium on the whole width of the fence.
The very great squaring frame – with idle roll at ends – make easy loading panels.
The telescopic squaring rule, equipped with reversible stops, allows to square panels mm. 3200×3200, and even to make inclined cuts up to 45 degrees on both sides of the frame.
The saw group can house a mm. 350 blade, allowing a cutting height of mm. 118. The whole group is tilting son cast iron sectors and furthermore – on request – it’s available with 3 speeds: unique in its category!
Thanks to the perfect balancing of the rotary parts, it’s completely free from vibrations and can be used even for cutting massive wood of great thickness.
In the standard version the CU410-ES is equipped with a scoring group with independent motor 0,55 kW and blade mm. 120, adjustable from outside without keys, that allows quick and precise positionings without clearance.
The rotation center of the oscillating body has diam. mm. 120 and lays on a rest – intermediate to the basement: a rigid and reliable solution over the time.
The blade group lifting happens through a strong cast iron structure with dovetail system.
New very great spindle moulder group. The 4 standard speeds (3500/6000/8000/10000 r.p.m. at 50 Hz) allow to make any working, from profiling to tenoning up to sanding.
On request, the spindle moulder shaft – tilting 45 degrees towards inside machine – is available.
The max. tool capacity – in profiling and retractable under the table – is diam. mm. 230.
The new spindle moulder housing uses an adjustment system for guides by means rack and has a mechanical digital reader. The housing can be removed and re-positioned without losing the working position.
The planer group supports a shaft diam. mm. 100 with 4 knives and an entering draft roll with helical teeth that guarantees a regular feeding of the piece while working.
The suction hood is always on the same side of the machine either for surface or thickness workings.
Surface tables mm. 2200 long. It’s essential to have very long tables in order to make very long pieces perfectly plane. The tables of the “ES” series respect this feature without the aid of extensions, guaranteeing an excellent precision in working.
The thickness table rises on 4 strong columns. N. 2 feeding speeds at the standard thickness (7 and 14 mt/min.).
The working tables are ribbed cast iron and the surface undergoes an accurate milling work in order to make them perfectly plane and precise in times to come.
Parallel fence and planer fence sliding on a cylindrical bar: a more precise and sliding system that allows more rapidity in working changement.

Technical features
– max. working width of surface tables 410 mm
– total length of surface tables 2200 mm
– tiltable surface fence 90-45 deg.
– thicknessing table dimensions 410×775 mm
– feed speed on thicknesser 7/14 m/min
– min/max working height on thicknesser 3/240 mm
– min. working length on thicknesser 180 mm
– cutterblock diam./nr. of knives 95/4
– HSS knives dimensions (standard) 410x30x3 mm
– spindle speed ~5000 r.p.m.
– max. stock removal 5 mm
– saw-spindle moulder table dimensions 1380×465 mm
– sawblade tilting 90-45 deg.
– max. diameter of saw blade with installed scoring unit 350 mm
– max. sawblade projection at 90 degrees from table with blade diam. 350 mm 118 mm
– sawblade rotating speed 4200 r.p.m.
– scoring blade diameter 120 mm
– scoring blade rotating speed 9200 r.p.m.
– max. std squaring stroke 2320 mm
– cutting width on rip fence 1000 mm
– max. spindle working height ~125 mm
– mechanical spindle moulder speeds (50 Hz) 1400-3500-6000-8000 r.p.m.
– max. dimensions of tool lowered under the table 230×85 mm
– max. tool diameter when tenoning 275 mm
– motor power (nr. 3 motors) HP 6,6 – kW 5 – V.400 Hz 50 Three-phase (60 Hz – Kw.6 – Hp.8)
– scoring unit motor power HP 0,9 – kW 0,65 Hz 50
– nr. 3 exhaust outlets diameter 120 mm
– overall dimensions (wagon mm.2250) mm.2600x1500x1400)
– weight kg.1365

Standard equipment
– extruded anodized aluminium wagon (dimensions 315x142x2250 mm) sliding on high precision hardened steel guideways, which are fixed on the wagon by means of mechanical bending system
– cast iron saw unit; tiltable by means of high rigidity sliding side trunnions and complete with independent scoring unit motor
– crosscutting support with dimensions 1250×650 mm, complete with:
. telescopic fence with 2 crosscut flip-over stops and eccentric clamp
. telescopic support
. idle roller to facilitate the panel loading/unloading
– ribbed cast-iron worktables
– operating groups adjustment by means of fixed handwheels
– digital readout of thicknessing height (1/10 mm)
– digital readout of spindle moulder height (1/10 mm)
– digital readout of saw blade tilting
– sawblade protection on riving knife
– dedicated saw rip fence =1500 mm, with micrometric adjustment and cam- locking complete with “high rigidity” cast-iron support. Sliding on steel round bar.
– surface planer tables with simultaneous opening
– planer protection
– dedicated planing fence (1800×150 mm) complete with “high rigidity” cast iron support. Sliding on steel round bar
– Thicknessing table lifting by means of 4 columns
– helical feed roller on thicknesser infeed, 49 mm diameter
– satinized steel feed roller on thicknesser outfeed, 49 mm diameter
– spindle moulder fence with 3 controlled adjustments and wood tables; complete with reference pins for easy re-positioning and numeric readouts for micrometric adjustment
– saw/spindle moulder table extension
– fence for moulding operation on spindle
– ON/OFF pushbuttons for planer, saw and spindle moulder motors on operator’s position (only for E.C. and USA/Canada version)

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Weight 1365 kg


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