HOT AIR GENERATOR WITH OVEN – mod. F 28 – As per E.C. rules

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HOT AIR GENERATOR WITH OVEN – mod. F 28 – As per E.C. rules

The hot air generators we produce are mainly used for heating industrial environments, but they are also applied in the civil sector and in production processes (dryers and ovens).

The main production line is dedicated to the use of solid fuels, particularly bio-masses coming from industrial and forest waste as well as traditional fuels such as gas oil and gas. The different kinds of fuels are combined with each other in order to satisfy the different market requirements.

The innovative Hot Air Generators are suitable for the combustion of wood and all solid fuels allowed by law.

Environment-protecting and energy-saving.


Ordinary maintenance means the removal of the deposited ashes by opening the door. Once or twice a year, perform a general cleaning of pipes.


Horizontal oven made of thermal chrome plated stainless steel, reinforced with ribs.

2 or 3 smoke revs. exchangers.

Inner side made of bright sheet metal for casing and insulation.

Outer side made of zinc plated sheet metal.

Frame made of painted profile.

Feeding doors with refractory and extractable grates.

Panels with refractory for pipes cleaning.

Double suction centrifugal fans for hot air delivery running at low regime of turns and arranged on special elastic suspensions driven by one or more electric motors.

Electric command and control panel – adjusting thermostat.


– Air suction grate

– Reject grate

– Air temperature thermometer

– Hot air delivery openings

– Automatic air ignition thermostat

– Tube cleaning inspection door

– Manual loading door

– Ash disposal control door

– Electric panel

– Air suction unit


– Width mm. 550

– Height mm. 1.400

– Length mm. 920

– Flue diam. mm. 160

– Hot air delivery pipes 2 x diam. mm. 180

– Plenum mm. 160

– Flue length mm. 500

– Oven width mm. 400

– Oven height mm. 590

Fuels: Wood – Chips – Peat – C.P. 3.500 Kcal/Kg.

– Flue capacity Kcal/h 29.900

– Conventional yeld capacity Kcal/h 25.000

– Air flow (at 15°) c.m./h 2.200

– Flue consumption C.P. 3.500 Kg/h 13

– Fan electric power HP 0,2

– Electric power of flue-gas exhaust HP –

– Motor voltage: V 220 – single-phase

Approximate surface to be heated up: sq.m. 100 / 150 – cu.m. 500

Weight 170.0000 kg



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