SHREDDER mod. M-3 Motor kW 18.5. Width 800 mm. - Equipped with horizontal scroll for material ejection

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SHREDDER mod. M-3 Motor kW 18.5. Width 800 mm. - Equipped with horizontal scroll for material ejection
The shredders are suitable for grinding wood, pallets, paper, cardboard, and so on. It consists of: 
A weight-bearing structure consisting of an assembly of different thicknesses of sheet metal to ensure sturdiness and to eliminate noise as far as possible during operation. 
All the parts of the structure are snap-connected to ensure alignment and maximum precision. 
PLC-controlled hydraulic unit for moving the feed box. Rotor in special steel made of a single body on which the cutting tools are mounted provided with four cutting edges bits in Special steel. 
The tools can be changed easily when they are worn out or broken because they are fixed with screws. 
Counterblade in hardened shock-resistant steel. 
Power cabinet that encloses all the safety devices and guards, provided with a PLC that controls the hydraulic panel during operation of the machine and manage the reverse of the rotation direction of the rotor in case of jam. 
Direct-drive reduction unit with cast iron body provided with radial bearings with two crowns of rollers and a reaction arm to prevent violent blows. 
• Outlet dimensions according to grid dimensions, 10 Ø to 25 Ø. 
• Cutting blades: 30x30 – concave face. 
• Noise level 70+80 dB(A) — depending on material type.

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