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We always offer our customers the best technical solutions for a final result that is always 100% of expectations.

Welcome, Our Story

MAKXILIA was born in 2002 offering an innovative service to all operators in the processing of various materials such as Wood, Plexiglas, Aluminum, Plastic, Polystyrene

For generations in the field of machine tools for wood and other materials.
In the 1950s with our parents Diego Campi and Romano Campi, and our grandfather Fabio Campi, they founded I.M.A. in Pescara, the world’s leading manufacturer of woodworking machines.
Now we (Fabio Campi, Mauro Campi, Michele Campi) have had the crazy idea of partly continuing their work, thanks above all to the enormous experience received from our parents.

With a considerable wealth of professionalism and knowledge, we base our competitive strategy on product quality and customer service.
We offer Vertical Panel Saws for cutting panels from solid wood to Plexiglas, from chipboard to plasterboard, from polycarbonate to composite panels (Alucobond and similar).
All produced according to CE regulations, with a 2-year warranty. Assistance service with highly specialized personnel.

We turn your requests into reality

MAKXILIA, in collaboration with the Best Manufacturers, offers only the best solutions for the processing of various types of materials, from Wood to Plexiglas, to Plasterboard, from Polycarbonate to Composite Panels (Alucobond®, Alupanel, Dibond®, Trespa®, Forex ®), from Polystyrene to Aluminum Profiles, etc.
Machines and equipment at incredibly competitive, unique, unrepeatable prices.

Here is the MakXilia.biz team

3 Generations Experience
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Michele Campi

Administration, Commercial

Tel. +39.393.5129610
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Mauro Campi

Commercial, Export

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Fabio Campi

Commercial, Italy

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E-Mail: fabio@makxilia.biz

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Marilena Campi


Tel. +39.85.95449
Tel. +39.85.9508153
E-Mail: marilena@makxilia.biz

Manuela D'Antuono


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Tel. +39.85.9508153
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