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SOLID EDGE UP TO 5 mm thick with automatic strip loading, in 50 mm thick panels (best category performance)
QUICK SET UP of the trimming group for the processing of 3 different types of edge: thin, with radius and solid wood
EASY TO USE with the “Orion One” electronic control supplied as standard
RELIABLE thanks to the high frequency operating motors

Track feed speed m/min 7
Panel thickness mm 8-50
Thickness of edges in strips * with use of kit for processing edges in strips mm 0,4-3 (5*)
Thickness of edges in rolls mm 0,4-3
Max section of edges in rolls mm 2 150
Max roll diam. mm 700
Excess of edge with respect to the panel thickness mm 2+2
Panel interspace mm 600
Min length of panels in rolls (min width 110 mm) mm 160
Min length of panels in strips (min width 110 mm) mm 180
Min length of edges in roll mm 200
Min length of edges in strips mm 220
Min panel width (min. length 210 mm) mm 110
Worktop height mm 900
Panel support roller opening mm 615
Max removal area mm2 55
Removal mm 0,5-1-1,5-2
Min panel width mm 110
Motor power S1/S6 kW 1,8/2,2
Tool diam. mm 80
Tool height mm 56
Tool rotation speed r.p.m. 8.300
Resistence power kW 0,25
Glue pot capacity kg 0,8
Motor power kW 0,2
Blade rotation speed r.p.m. 12.000
Motor power kW 0,35
Tool rotation speed r.p.m. 12.000
Min panel thickness with radius mm 12
Vertical/frontal copying devices disc/disc
Tool radius mm 2
Min panel thickness mm 12
Vertical/frontal copying devices disc/disc
Tool radius mm 2
Motor power kW 0,14
Tool rotation speed r.p.m. 2.800

Automatic 1-side bander for glueing edges with hot melt glue on the 4 sides of straight panels and the subsequent finishing of the edges.
Base realized in steel rolled folded and welded together to give the structure a high rigidity.
Openings have been created in the base which allow unloaded shavings to be unloaded to the ground, thus promoting the cleaning of the machine.
Upper presser in steel structure, with double row of rubber pressure wheels mounted on bearings.
Manual lifting of the presser positioned at the machine inlet with numerical position indicator.
Upper operating groups fixed to the presser to allow their automatic adjustment when the panel thickness is changed. Lower groups fixed to the base under the floor of the carpet, for a precise reference with respect to the panel.
All high frequency motors are fed through static frequency converter (Inverter)
Protection cabin
 for the entire length of the machine with polycarbonate windows for viewing groups during processing..
Suction ports of the operating groups positioned on the uppper side of the cabin.
Control board positioned in an ergonomic positioned at the machine inlet on the panel passage side, it allows an easy use even from the working station.
Electric installation inside the base with closing panel that allows convenient for any maintenance operations. System built in compliance with current regulations.
Panel transport carried out with a track composed of skates covered by high adherence rubber and industrial chain with 3/4" links.
The slide of the skates occurs on 2 steel guides, one round and the other flat, that guarantee the linear transport of the piece and resistance to lateral loads.
Manual lubrication of slides.
Panel support roller positioned outside the carpet along the entire length of the machine.
Made with telescopic opening system and plastic sliding wheels and steel rotation pins.

Electronic control Orion One
– alphanumeric display with 4 lines and 20 characters
– processing language selection
– keyboard with “soft touch” keys and illuminated leds, for selecting the various operating groups and machine functions 
– complete management of the machine automation through the Plc function
– adjustment and indication of the glue pot temperature 
– simple and guided diagnostics for the solution of possible errors
– partial and absolute working statistical data: number of pieces worked, edge used

The machine is realized in compliance with current regulations.
Warning! For some countries it's necessary to choose the specific option provided in the price list
In the machine there is the free space for the installazion of the following optional items
(1) = Edge scraper or Glue scraper
(1⁄2) = Glue scraper or Brushes
(T) = Router or Brushes

It isn't possible to install 2 glue-scrapers or brush groups at the same time 
It isn't possible to install the router group if there are edge-scraper  brushes 


Rectifying group "RT-M"
It grinds the panel, creating an optimal surface on which to apply the glue and obtain a perfect joint line with the edge.
– 2 tools, which with their alternate processing avoid chipping at the head and tail of the panel 
– hoods for the suction of the chip
– timed blower for cleaning the machined side
– processing with variable removal performed by applying magnetic sheets of different thickness on the input guide. The allowed removal is 0,5-1-1,5-2 mm
– height adjustment of the tools to vary the working point
– complete with diamond tools (H=56mm – D=80mm – Z=2+2)

Glueing group
It performs automatic glueing with hot melt glue of edges in rolls and strips on the side of straight panels
Glue pot
– independent motorization for a continuous recirculation and recovery of the glue 
– non-stick treatment to facilitate glue replacement operations
– glue-spreading roller with special knurling for a homogeneous and optimized spreading
– glue temperature control with digital thermoregulation
automatic temperature lowering function in case of momentary  non-use of the machine, that favors the duration of the machine
– adjustment of the glue dispensed
Edge loading
– drive roller for automatic loading of the edge when the panel arrives
– shears for automatic cutting of the edge in rolls 
– roll-holder plate
Edge pressure roller
– 2 idle pressure rolls realized with opposed conicity to allow an optimized pressure on the lower and upper side of the edge.
– mechanical adjustment of roll pressure
– adjustment with knobs of the position of rolls as the edge thickness changes 

Single-motor end trimming group "K-1"
It cuts the excess edge on the front and back of the panel
– 1 high frequency through shaft motor
– group sliding without play made with ground and hardened round bars
– 2 independent copyingn devices for the adjustment of the cutting point of the 2 blades on the panel
– complete of blades

Trimming group "R-M"
It trims the excess edge on the upper and lower sides of the panel
– 2 high frequency motors
– turning copying devices for adjusting the cutting point of the tools on the panel: with a single disc the verticals and the frontals with 3 contact turning points
– chips suction hoses 
– knobs and numerical indicators for making adjustments
– manual exclusion of the group
– complete of combi-tool (R=2) to be able to work 3 different types of edge thin edge, edge with radius and solid wood


62.14.92 Anti-adhesive group "AAL"
Positioned before the rectifying group, it prevents the adhesion of the glue on the lower and upper surfaces of the panel, improving its cleaning.
Composed by:
– 2 nozzles for spray application of the liquid
– 2 containers with anti-adhesive liquid

62.14.32 Edge scraper group "RAS-M", eliminates the notches left by the tools during trimming from the plastic edges
– rotating vertical and frontal copying devices for the adjustment of the working point of tools on the panel 
– manual exclusion of the group 
– knobs with vernier for making adjustments
– conveyance of scraps outside the cabin through special openings made in the machine base 
– complete of knives (R=2)
– min panel thickness 12 mm
Note: (1) space

62.13.76 Glue-scraper group "RC-M"
It allows to remove any excess of glue in the joint between panel and edge, it improves panel cleaning 
The group provides:
– slide vertical copying device
– throw-away knives 
– blowers for cleaning knives 
– manual exclusion of the group
Note: (1) or (1⁄2) or (RC) space

62.13.77 Brush group "SP-M" with 2 independent motors (kW 0,14 at 2.800r.p.m.) it allows the cleaning and polishing of the edge

62.14.54 Group for working slots "Toupie T-M"
For the execution of through slots on the upper side of the panel.
Complete of:
– manual exclusion of the group
– knobs and numerical indicators for the vertical and horizontal adjustment of the position of the blade 
– suction hood diam. 60 mm
– complete of blade for the execution of the slot 
Technical data:
– motor power 1,1 kW
– tool rotation speed 12.000 r.p.m.
– slot width 4 mm
– slot depth 1 ÷ 8 mm
– slot distance from the edge of the panel 0 ÷ 20 mm
– min. panel thickness 12 mm
– blade D=100 mm – Z4
Note: device not available for machines in single-phase version


62.13.28 Kit of tools R=1 in place of R=2 - It replaces all tools R=2 mm by tools R=1 mm
62.13.29 Kit of tools R=1,5 in sostituzione R=2 - It replaces all tools R=2 mm by tools R=1,5 mm
62.13.30 Kit of tools R=3 in sostituzione R=2 - It replaces all tools R=2 mm by tools R=3 mm


62.13.67 Kit "SAV€NERGY"
It allows to optimize energy consumption by eliminating unnecessary waste. The device includes:
machine stop in case of temporary non-use
The function can be activated manually with a specific button or automatically if the machine hasn't been used for more than 10 min.
All the operating motors and the panel conveyor belt are stopped, the pneumatic supply is removed, the consents for suction are removed and and the glue temperature is lowered.
optimized suction of the operating groups 
Electrical consents are provided for the opening of  thesuction vents of the groups being pricessed, in this way unnecessary air consumption is avoided (nozzle opening / closure device not supplied)

62.14.93 Panel preheating device
The edge of the panel is heated, before applying the glue, with a high temperature pad.
If the panel is cold, the glueing quality is better.

62.14.94 Rapid glue pot replacement kit - it includes the device for quick  release device and the double thermoregulation of the glue pot to manage 2 different working temperatures.

58.05.16 Spare glue pot - Interchangeable with the standard glue pot of the machine. Glue pot capacity 0,8 kg.
N.W. Mandatory “Quick glue pot replacement kit“

58.05.07 Spare glue pot for polyurethane glue
Interchangeable with the standard glue pot of the machine, it's equipped of a special non-stick treatment that allows even the use of polyurethane glues.
Glue pot capacity 0,8 kg.
N.W. Mandatory “Quick glue pot replacement kit“

62.13.78 Kit for processing edges in strips up to 5 mm, it allows to edge with automatic loading edges in strips of thickness 0,4-5 mm. 

62.14.21 Electrical predisposition for brush group - It allows the sunsequent installation of the brush group present in the accessory price list


62.12.87 Pair of COMBI milling cutters R=1 mm for trimming group R-K

62.12.88 Pair of COMBI milling cutters R=1,5 mm for trimming group R-K

62.12.89 Pair of COMBI milling cutters R=2 mm for trimming group R-K

62.12.90 Pair of COMBI milling cutters R=3 mm for trimming group R-K

62.13.80 Pair of knives for Edge scraper R=1 mm

62.13.81 Pair of knives for Edge scraper R=1,5 mm

62.13.82 Pair of knives for Edge scraper R=2 mm

62.13.83 Pair of knives for Edge scraper R=3 mm


08.06.78 Pallet for K 100 EVO

08.74.54 Triple Wall for K 100 EVO

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